How’d You Like To Hear My Voice?

Tracey Pedersen!

You guys know I’m an Aussie, right? I’m sure I’ve told everyone that before, but people are often surprised to meet me and get an earful of my Australian accent. That’s the joy of having lots of online friends! If you want to hear my voice to know what I sound like, I’d love you to check out episode #103 of the Writer On The Road Podcast, where the lovely Melinda interviewed me this week. We talked for so long that my voice started to go at the end! Besides telling the world that my husband is a bit clumsy … Get the rest

Taking Action With Nick Stephenson

I’m featured on the Your First 10K Readers site today talking about taking action and I’d love it if you stopped by and had a read, or left a comment. It’s a long article, but hopefully you’ll get some good information from it. Maybe even a touch of inspiration 🙂 I love helping new writers get started on their first book. Sometimes I swear I’m more excited than they are! The one thing I tell them is to never give up. Keep taking the baby steps that over time will add up to one giant leap forward. That’s what I … Get the rest

A Million Words In A Single Year!

Did you know I’m participating in a challenge this year? No? Well, I am! A small group of writers promised themselves, and each other, that they’ll aim to write a million words in 2018. Come on, no need to gasp. It’s only 2740 per day, right? RIGHT? When we broke it up into a daily goal it sounded like a great idea. Now that we’re a few weeks in, it’s a bit more challenging than it seemed. But we’re totally going to do it!!!  I put a nice big thermometer on the side of my site so you can follow … Get the rest

Married This Year 4: Ticket To Ride Is Live!

I’ve just had the best idea for my next series. Sadly, I promised you all I’d make sure to finish any current ones before shooting off on a tangent, so I can’t start writing it quite yet. Suffice to say it should be hilarious! If you’ve ever wanted to write to an agony aunt in the local newspaper, you’ll love the new series. In the meantime, have you read Married This Year 4: Ticket To Ride, yet? It’s been out for a few weeks now and I’ve been a little quiet on the promotion front. I’m keeping the price at … Get the rest

Indie-pendence Blog Hop & Giveaway!

  Welcome to the Indie-pendence Blog Hop & Giveaway, hosted by Love Kissed Book Bargains! I’m Australian writer, Tracey Pedersen, and I write contemporary romance and romantic comedy, all with a twist! I love happy endings and I also love to laugh and to make other people laugh! Depending on which of my books you read you could find a little suspense, a deep belly laugh or a delicious twist! For the hop, I’m giving away 3 eBook copies of my most popular romantic comedy book, Married This Year! Enter via the giveaway widget at the bottom of this page. … Get the rest

Let Me Help You Write A Book (And Finish It) Too!

I’ve got some exciting news today. I’ve released five new books since the last time I posted here for you! Yep, five! Two of those will remain a secret since they’re under my new outrageously dirty erotica pen name (ahem!) but the other three might just help you write a book if you’ve ever considered getting your own novel out there! So many people asked me about book writing that I decided to write a series of short books to help people on their own publishing journey. Who better than a self-published author to explain to new authors what they … Get the rest

Romance Author – Churns Out Books, Never Writes A Blog!

Pink roses say 'Romance Author', don't they?

I’ve written 100,000 words in the month since I finished working full time. That’s one full-length novel, a book of short stories and a novella. Interestingly, this new romance author hasn’t found the time to write a five hundred word blog post during this same period. That surprises me more than I can tell you! I’ve blogged weekly for years on my travel blog, and suddenly every bit of my writing time is now spent writing novels. So, I’m turning over a new leaf to share some writing information with you at least once a week. I’ll keep you in … Get the rest

Help Me Stay On Track – Win An Amazon Gift Card!

Hello everyone! I’m writing in Penang this week and have specifically travelled here to write 60,000 words (or a complete book!)  I’ll only be away for one week and need your help to keep me on track. To make sure I don’t slack off and spend all week eating Roti and getting foot massages I’m running a small giveaway for my loyal readers and subscribers.  All you have to do to win is guess how many words I’ll manage to get written between 8pm 23 May (tonight) and midnight on Monday 30 May, 2016.  The person who guesses closest without … Get the rest

Who Inspires Me The Most?

Who Inspires You The Most?

I’m busy planning my new products to help you write your own book this year and I’m almost ready to release the first one – a couple of hours on the weekend and we are there!  While I’ve been working on it I’ve been thinking about who inspires me the most when I’m hanging out online. You know, you’re busily writing, making lists, pretty checklists and preparing for audio recordings…..and your mind wanders to that cool blog post you just read by one of your favourite online peeps! I figured I’d tell you about the amazing women I know (or … Get the rest

Get Your Book Writing Help Here And Publish Your Book!

So yesterday I told you I am concentrating on book writing help and author platforms (and marketing) this year.  I hope you’re as excited as I am about that!  So what can you expect in the next couple of weeks? I decided to list out the programs I’m going to run instead of keeping you in suspense and drip feeding you the deets.  I’m a little exhausted by all the product launches I endured during the year and my inbox has positively OVERFLOWED this Christmas with a million and one offers!  It’s partly for this reason that I’ve decided to … Get the rest

I’ll Teach You How To Write eBooks For Kindle!

How To Write eBooks For Kindle like this one.

Yep I really am going to teach you how to write ebooks for Kindle this year! I wrote seven books last year so I think I’m pretty well placed to share my tips with you!  You can click on the book image to the right to go to my Amazon page and check out my published goodies so far. I’m watching hundreds of people publish their 2015 goal lists or New Year’s resolutions on facebook and on loads of them is the wish to write a book.  I know you’ve seen them too.  What I noticed is that some of … Get the rest