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Contracted For Love by Tracey Pedersen

Contracted For Love. Famous Love Book 1

Two people. Total strangers. Asked to convince the world they're in love!

Imagine if your favourite engaged celebrities weren't really in love. Imagine if their relationship was cooked up to boost their careers. What if everything was fake? From the holidays, the public romance, right down to the bedroom antics?

Potty-mouthed Charlotte Shipton and child-star Jack Fawkner strike a deal when both put their signatures to an unlikely, and top secret, marriage contract. She'll rise through the unknown ranks in Hollywood. He'll show the world he's left behind his tap-dancing child-star days. Together, they'll set the world's hearts on fire, while ignoring their own secret desires. Only time will tell if the truth will tear them apart, or if their secret will stay locked away, along with the contract!

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All Afloat by romance author Tracey Pedersen

All Afloat. Finding Sweet Love Series Book 2 - Spinoff

Imagine if you could read a story from a different perspective... Kellie Johanson leaves Sweden in a flurry of desperation to escape her awful friends. She's thrilled to finally reach Australia's warm shores and its friendly people. Little does she know, circumstances have been compelling her toward disaster. 

If you enjoyed my first book, All At Sea, you'll enjoy this short Novella which explains how deckhand Kellie came to be onboard the Ulysses III the fateful day that Ryan and Jenna first met. Kellie's story isn't just her experience aboard the ill-fated vessel. She has her own love story to chase, too.

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All At Sea. Finding Sweet Love Series Book 1

When Jenna and Ryan meet aboard the Ulysses III there is instant sizzle. Being surrounded by a boatload of strangers can’t cool their attraction and it’s hands-on all the way.

Between some sticky family influences and a tragic turn of events, can they survive their need to be together? Does romance on the beach equal love in the real world? Will the tragedy that follows their first meeting drive them together or pull them apart?

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Seven Days To Me. A One Week Love Story Book 1

Golding Mining is going from strength to strength under the dedicated management of Stephanie Golding. Too bad she dreams of returning to a life that has long since slipped through her fingers.  Brad Peters is living a life he's not quite sure he wants. When he's roped in to seduce Stephanie he can suddenly see exactly what he wants... and it's right in front of him...

Can two people struggling to be true to themselves find a common ground just by spending a week together? Just how many secrets are too many for a new relationship to survive?

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How To Write eBooks For Kindle like this one.

The Freedom Champion! How I Changed My Life and Became Her!

​The Freedom Champion! How I Changed My Life And Became Her! is a short volume detailing the changes that can come about when you just have some space to THINK! When you don't fill every spare minute you manage to steal for yourself with social media, housework, planning dinner or sleeping you really can find that little bit of freedom that's just waiting there for you to grab it! 

​Enjoy this quick read and maybe, just maybe, get inspired to seek your own freedom! And when it’s over, don’t stop there. Scroll up and check out Tracey’s other books.

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The Freedom Champion! Freedom From Yes!

Are you a yes-girl? Always trying to make sure everyone is having a good time? Always volunteering to fill the gaps in other people's schedules? Pick up kids, take on extra work, run a stall at school, coach a team - you know how it goes, right?

​If this sounds like you then 'Freedom From Yes' is the book you need to read TODAY!

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The Freedom Champion! Freedom From Fear!

​Are you scared of stuff? Maybe you're scared of situations or things that you've had bad experiences with in the past? Maybe you just worry about them affecting your future? Maybe you spend time worrying about things that have NEVER happened to you or someone you know. Maybe you're worried about what MIGHT happen?

​Read this book to discover how an ordinary woman (with a few real and imagined fears) managed to conquer almost all of them to go forth and lead a life without having to worry about the consequences all the time!

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The Freedom Champion! Freedom From Perfectionism!

​Do you suffer under the weight of perfectionism? Are you exhausted from trying to keep everything looking wonderful? From having your kids appear perfect? From having to keep going and going and going to keep your plates spinning? This book will help you get clear on all the ways perfectionism is harming you and making your life more difficult than it needs to be.

​If you've read and loved the previous two Freedom Champion! books in this series then you'll love this one!

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A-Z of Travel Planning. Accommodation: How To Sleep Your Way Around The World!

​Have you been putting off taking a family holiday because you think you can't afford it? Do you constantly tell the kids 'next year' but next year never comes? Are you considering leaving the rat-race and setting off on your own gap year adventure? Maybe you're worried about making your dollars streeeeeeetch far enough to keep you travelling?

​Check it out now and see just how much money you could save on your next adventure or even your next weekend escape!

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A-Z of Travel Planning. Budgeting: How To Be a Tight Arse and Travel More!

​Are you desperate for a gap year but just don't know how you could ever afford it? Do you wonder how you can save money for a year or more of travel when you seem to live payday to payday with nothing left over? If you want to find out how you can start to get some savings in the bank to put towards your travel dream, this is the book for you. Find out the easy steps you can take to start budgeting even though you may have never done a budget before. 

Not only will you discover how to save for your trip, you'll also learn how you can manage that big wad of money once you're on the road in foreign locations!

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Garage Sale Etiquette. How To Make Money, Have Fun, And Not Punch Anyone In The Face!

Have you ever wondered about the etiquette of garage sales? Should you sell broken items? Do you have to accept low prices just to sell your stuff? Is it OK to tell someone NO when they rock up with an empty trailer and offer to take everything 'off your hands' for $100 bucks? In this handy book, written in a chatty tone, you'll learn the best time for garage sales, how to deal with difficult customers and how to promote your sale.

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