What I’m Working On

​I thought it might be nice to let my readers know what books I’m currently working on. Some of these are part-written, some are edited and with my lovely beta readers, some I’ve ordered the cover and written an outline! I find I need to write what I feel like writing at any given time, otherwise, it feels forced and the story isn’t as good. So here’s a sneak peak of the covers for now. I’ll check back and let you know where I’m up to with each one in a couple of days. Happy Reading!

Seven Days To Us by Tracey Pedersen

Seven Days To Us is book two in the One Week Love Story series. We'll follow the journey of Brad and Stephanie as they set off to travel and discover a lot more juicy secrets about each other. If you loved to hate Myrtle in Seven Days To Me, you'll get to see more of her evil ways in this one. This book is complete and with the editor. It turned out a lot different than I expected and wasn't so much about Brad and Stephanie!  I hope you like the unexpected turn it took!  This should be released mid November and is now on preorder on Amazon.

Married This Year by Tracey Pedersen

Married This Year is going to be a fun book!  I'm going to run a competition for my readers and followers to get a character in this book names after them. Jordan Ramsay is going to have a BIG New Year's eve where she makes a resolution to be married by the same time the next year. Then she's going to embark on a series of outrageous dates and escapades in her search for a husband. Some of the ideas will be drawn from my reader's experiences. Expect to read the most outrageous dating shenanigans EVER!
Contracted For Love by Tracey Pedersen

THIS BOOK HAS NOW BEEN RELEASED ON AMAZON! Contracted for Love is my most successful release so far and has almost outsold my other books. I think it has to do with that hot torso on the cover, don't you? It was meant to be a standalone but as the characters got up to their usual antics it bloomed into a FIVE BOOK SERIES!  GAWD!! Anyway, you can order this one on Amazon right now if you'd like to get your hands on the story of child star Jack Fawkner and unknown Australian actress, Charlotte Shipton. They butt heads from the first moment they meet and agree to a fake marriage to further their careers. Be warned, Charlotte talks like me when I get excited. She's got a potty mouth which makes for some funny scenes as Jack doesn't quite know how to take this feisty Australian who is now his wife! I hope you'll love this one - I adored writing it - hence the spin off books which just won't leave my imagination alone!

Contracted For Love by Tracey Pedersen

All Adrift is written and back from the editor - Phew!  Sadly, I think it is too short, so it is now awaiting some inspiration to add a couple of chapters to make it the type of book that's expected of me at this stage. This book, which is the third in my Finding Sweet Love Series, continues the up and down adventure of Ryan and Jenna's new relationship and their surprise pregnancy. Throw in some interraction with the serial killer who nearly made Jenna his victim, Jenna's doubts over her ability to be a good mother and the usual twist that comes with my romance books and you're in for an exciting read. I hope to have this little baby in your hot little hands by mid September at the latest 🙂

Contracted For Love by Tracey Pedersen

All About us is also written and back from the editor - I've been ON FIRE LATELY!! I can't give you this one, though. It will be released as part of a Christmas boxed set on 25 November 2016. This is book five in my Finding Sweet Love Series, and will tie up the series nicely. Ryan and Jenna will have a magical Christmas with their friends and family in another state, as they enjoy the usual steaming hot Australian Christmas Day. This book turned out lovely and heartwarming, just like a Christmas book should be! Can't wait for you to read it!

​I have a long list of books that I intend to write in the future, too. When I get my hands on the covers I'll add them here for you, since I'm sure a list of 20 book titles doesn't really inspire you much! I hope you'll check out my Amazon catalogue and see what's there for you today. You can check it out here...Tracey's Amazon Page