We All Go Off Track Sometimes. This Was My Time!

Bad Tracey Pedersen!

Have you noticed I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of weeks?  I thought about just writing a cheery new post and not telling you why.  I wondered if anyone would even notice really – maybe I could just press on? But no.  That wouldn’t be me.  I’m an open book type of girl.  I’m the chick that shares her photos that make her look like she’s eating poo——->>> And I firmly believe in sharing all the gory details when things go pear shaped – not just the fun stuff and the great and positive stuff.  Don’t get me wrong – … Get the rest

Why Aren’t You Taking ACTION?

It’s not a hard question.  Doesn’t need a long answer. WHY AREN’T YOU TAKING ACTION? Why haven’t you done what you said you would do? Why did you stop half way? Why can’t you seem to get moving now that you’ve stalled? Why haven’t you written that book, published that book, created that online product, started that membership site, lost weight, taken up knitting, finished your nursing course and any number of other things? Whatever answer you’ve just come up with, let me tell you that I’m here to help you. When you don’t take action, you feel yuk!  You … Get the rest

Free Big Life Change Coaching Sessions For 18 People!

Today I have something super exciting to announce! I’m “officially” launching my coaching biz and to celebrate I’m offering 18 people the chance for a free coaching session with me. Yep, you heard right! Free 60 minute sessions for 18 people where we’ll discuss whatever ‘big thing’ you need help with.  I’ll help you get on the right path or show you ways to ‘level up’ if you’ve already gotten started!  That’s $129 value for nix! These aren’t strategy sessions where we scope each other out and work out how we can work together.  These are proper one hour sessions … Get the rest