How Long Is Your Business To Do List?

The No More Vanilla Living Action Academy Is Open For Business! to-do lists everywhere

Do you have an enormously long business to do list for your online biz? Do you keep adding to it but secretly think you couldn’t possibly complete all those tasks? Maybe you cross off the odd thing but then decide to make a new list because the old one is now messy and overwhelming? Maybe you need to write your next business to do list with pretty pens?  That probably won’t fix it but I know for a fact it will make you feel better for a while! Don’t worry – that used to be me so I know just … Get the rest

Why Aren’t You Taking ACTION?

It’s not a hard question.  Doesn’t need a long answer. WHY AREN’T YOU TAKING ACTION? Why haven’t you done what you said you would do? Why did you stop half way? Why can’t you seem to get moving now that you’ve stalled? Why haven’t you written that book, published that book, created that online product, started that membership site, lost weight, taken up knitting, finished your nursing course and any number of other things? Whatever answer you’ve just come up with, let me tell you that I’m here to help you. When you don’t take action, you feel yuk!  You … Get the rest

Are Free Digital Products As Good As The Ones You Pay For?

Tracey Pedersen!

I’m running a huge giveaway this month and am enjoying releasing an entire suite of products to help you in your online business. I’ve had quite a few people email me saying they are surprised at the quality of the products as they thought they would be flimsy and very light on content, since they were free! This hadn’t actually occurred to me (and if you didn’t sign up because you thought this too you can get access right here). Every product I’ve created for the giveaway has been designed specifically to become a paid product on this website after … Get the rest

I Love Free Stuff Online! I Hope You Do Too!

Free 30 days of giveaways! Christmas In July!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love free stuff online!  Getting something unexpected for free just makes me so excited, especially when the online freebie is something really useful! I don’t ever care about the monetary value of the gift and I don’t go around trying to score stuff for free, but when something I value is offered to me as a bonus or an extra it really makes me happy! And I try really hard to use the product exactly like I would if I had paid for it! A great example of valuable free stuff … Get the rest