Is Your Dream To Make Money Online?

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Do you want to make money online but you’re just a beginner? Do you follow a few gurus who always say they are available any time and urge you to contact them for help or assistance? Are you in awe of them? Do you feel a bit unworthy of their time, feeling like someone else possibly needs their help more?

Maybe you really connect with some successful online people and you have a relationship with them already? Are you still on the back foot and wondering when your success will come?

Are you just completely confused by all the weird technology and terminology used online? Do you read tutorials and still find yourself completely confused and unable to complete the task that others seem to find so simple?

If I’m describing you, guess what?

You’re not alone!

I’m that person too!

And I’ve just been describing myself!

I’ve been mucking around online for a few years now. I’ve published my Life Changing Year blog since 2011 and I really love keeping it updated. I love sharing the stories of our travels but I’ve discovered that more and more I’m posting about business or my books on that site.

While I was wondering what to do about this and where I could start posting about those things, I realized that the description above was exactly how I felt when dealing with successful people online. I follow plenty of people who I admire and who’s advice I usually take to heart.

But I’d NEVER contact them!


I’m the silent one who joins Facebook groups and cheers on everyone else while staying silent about my own goals and achievements. Occasionally I get brave and dive in and post all about what I’ve achieved or what I’m planning. Then I go silent!

There’s never been any good reason for me to go silent.

Without fail I normally get quite a positive response from everyone in these groups. They tell me they are so envious that I’m able to travel; that they are sure I’ll meet my goals and that they can’t wait to hear how I go!

Usually they ask my advice, and when I give it I get fabulous feedback that my advice was so helpful. I feel all warm and fuzzy and then nothing happens until the next time.

Because I crawl back into my hidey-hole.

Even though I know I give great advice and I know that I know a fair bit about working online (whether that is writing articles, creating websites, membership sites or publishing on Amazon) I’ve still been a little bit shy about putting myself out there.

I know how to make the big changes that can change the whole direction of your life.

This week, when someone asked me if I offer coaching, I finally realized that I’m not alone!

Plenty of you out there want to ask for help but the big Internet gurus intimidate you. Maybe you want to publish your own book on Amazon but you’re in awe of your favourite author who has published 10 books. Maybe you want to become a freelance writer and you’re just not sure where to start?

Perhaps you want an Amazon empire selling actual products or you long to mentor others in your own profession because you think there’s a definite gap in the marketplace for those in your industry?

Whatever it is, I’m here to help you be brave enough to put yourself out there!  I will help you reach your dreams of online success!

I don’t make thousands of dollars a week online!  But I make enough to supplement our savings to allow us to continue to travel. I’m still learning and adding to my knowledge base as I test out what works for me, and what doesn’t.

I think this makes me the perfect person to help all of you guys! I’m not a guru. I’m just a normal woman who left the 9-5 and decided to travel with her family.

I worked out how much I needed to earn each week and then I set my goals a little above this amount so that I would definitely hit what I needed! (Tricky huh?)

I design my own websites and don’t spend any money to get them set up. Every graphic related to or any of my courses that you see on this site was created by myself or my 13 year old son.

I don’t have fancy photos done by professional photographers. I use the pictures we take on our travels.  The added benefit of this is that I luurve looking at my own websites!

I firmly believe you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a decent website. Being successful is about the quality of your work and the content you share with the world. It’s not about the quality of your website or how many pretty graphics you have flashing at people.

I know all the ways to get the things I need without spending much money. Occasionally I’ll pay someone for the item that I need but I can’t afford to waste money so I have to be really conscious of my budget. (I pay for loads of things on!)

You won’t hear me recommending that you spend $1000 on a product ‘just because’!

I think that makes me pretty accessible to the average person who can easily (in most cases) replicate what I’ve done.

So I’m here to try to help you guys make big changes in your life.  If that includes making money online that’s great.

If it means working up to earning enough money from your own business so you can quit your job and work from home, perfect!

If you want to handmake items and sell them from home, I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. Whatever path you want to take, you can find something here on this website for you. If you want to know something that’s not recorded here, just ask!

No, really.


Don’t by shy, send me an email right now and ask me what you need to know.

Here’s the link to my comment form to make it super easy for you 🙂

Don’t be shy anymore.  Get out there and take back your future!

Here we go!

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