Free Big Life Change Coaching Sessions For 18 People!

Today I have something super exciting to announce!Free business coaching sessions on offer!

I’m “officially” launching my coaching biz and to celebrate I’m offering 18 people the chance for a free coaching session with me.

Yep, you heard right!

Free 60 minute sessions for 18 people where we’ll discuss whatever ‘big thing’ you need help with.  I’ll help you get on the right path or show you ways to ‘level up’ if you’ve already gotten started!  That’s $129 value for nix!

These aren’t strategy sessions where we scope each other out and work out how we can work together.  These are proper one hour sessions where we can get you started on that thing that makes your knees shake when you consider doing it!

I did plan to offer more free sessions but the rest have already been snaffled by the lucky people on my mailing list as I gave them first dibs!  You can get on my mailing list here if you want advance notice of all my goodies – you’ll even get a FREE copy of my latest free book.  You can read about my coaching here if you’re thinking this just might be what you need to help you leap forward!

So who can have one of these free sessions?  You should apply if this is you:

  • You’re ‘stuck’ in life and you want some help to get moving in a cool new direction
  • You have an awesome business idea but don’t know how to implement it
  • You’d like to do something I’ve done – take a sabbatical year to travel, write a book, start a blog, sort out your money, create online products (I could go on all day!)
  • You’re not sure what you want to do – but you know you want something ‘more’!
  • You need to get an action plan to achieve something fabulous you’ve been thinking about!

If any of the above sounds like you then you should absolutely apply for these free sessions.

If you have a secret yearning to make a big life change – we need to talk!

If you have ideas that you could move in a whole new direction if you just knew how – I want to see you for a session!

If you’re shy and probably won’t apply because you don’t feel worthy – throw your hat into the ring!

Basically, if you think you would benefit from a one on one session to talk about business ideas, feeling like yourself again, blogging, writing books, social media, time management, budget travel, work breaks, moving countries, online business, product creation, confidence to get started, help with solving a problem or implementing some other Big Life Change then I would really like to speak to you!

You need to email me at to apply for these free sessions.

And I’ll be choosing the winners based on who I think I can help the most.  I’m doing this giveaway to give 18 lucky people some really useful value and some concrete steps to follow to reach their dreams!photo(1)

If you’re lucky I’ll even wear my cool Hill Tribe hat for your session!  Or maybe that might be too much of a distraction for you?

If you know me, or have read anything I’ve written or recorded, you know I’m straight to the point and there’s absolutely no fluff!  These free business sessions will be no different!

For this reason, please be as detailed as possible in your email of what you need help with!

To be in the running, send me:

A short intro to yourself:
What your project/goal/business/idea is:
Where you’re at right now:
What’s the ‘big’ thing you would like help with:
What other information do you want to give me to help me decide?
List any websites that you own or give me links to any that would help me understand what you want:

Email your responses to

This offer of free business coaching is not just for readers of this blog.  If you know someone who would benefit from one of these free sessions, please pass on the details and get them to apply too!

I’m excited to read all of your submissions!  I hope you’ll take the bull by the horns and apply straight away!

Don’t Wait!  Do It Now!

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Free Big Life Change Coaching Sessions For 18 People! — 16 Comments

    • So far so good Paula. It was inevitable I guess that it would have to be launched. I’ve been helping people informally for so long that it was really the next step. Be sure to apply for a session if there’s something you could use some help with! I don’t bite!

    • Thanks Nancy – I really love that stupid hat! I had to drag it around for weeks before I sent it home while we kept travelling! Glad you think the site is fun – that’s been my aim – fun and inviting and reassuring!

    • Awww fanksh Serena. Had a great response so far. I’m looking forward to helping a heap of people take a giant leap forward!

    • Hi Carol. Thanks for the encouragement! Hope I’m not coming across as too crazy in my writing! Don’t want to frighten people – hahaha!

    • Thanks Mel – would be great if you can share. I have some exciting sessions booked this week and I’m really looking forward to them. Always a sign you’re on the right track eh?

    • Thanks for dropping by Mike. It’s making me really happy to reach out and give a lot of people a hand. Some people who’ve always been too shy have finally stepped up so that’s really exciting. I love the name of your blog – The Time Doctor is perfect and I’ve found some of your posts really, really helpful!

    • Thanks Andrea – I’ve received a heap of great feedback and I have to say I’ve received as much benefit from the coaching sessions as I’ve given out. Something that was so unexpected! Talk about win-win!

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