Are Free Digital Products As Good As The Ones You Pay For?

I’m running a huge giveaway this month and am enjoying releasing an entire suite of Free Digital Products Can Be Good Or Bad!products to help you in your online business.

I’ve had quite a few people email me saying they are surprised at the quality of the products as they thought they would be flimsy and very light on content, since they were free!

This hadn’t actually occurred to me (and if you didn’t sign up because you thought this too you can get access right here).

Every product I’ve created for the giveaway has been designed specifically to become a paid product on this website after the promotion.  I’ve pored everything I have into each one and gone to the trouble to split up some products so that they aren’t too overwhelming.

The emails made me wonder though what everyone else thinks of freebies online?  What has been your experience of stuff you’ve downloaded in exchange for handing over your email address?

I’ve got some awesome free digital products that I was completely amazed to receive free.  And I’ve downloaded some rubbish that would absolutely not ever sell for the $47 price tag it has plastered all over it!

I have a travel blog that makes me no money – even for that site I wrote an entire eBook to giveaway for free!

It’s a little hit and miss, but since the downloads are free I never lose too much sleep about it when something doesn’t meet my standards (which are pretty high after all these years online!)

But it certainly makes me decide who I follow online and who I don’t.  I know exactly whose products I would be happy to use my money to get my hands on and which ones I wouldn’t ever touch!  I know who I suddenly start following on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else I can get their stuff!  And who I think ‘no thanks’ to anything they publish.

So it’s a great lesson for all of you who are currently considering offering a freebie to get people to subscribe to your own site.

Add in as much value as possible to your free digital products!

If others make 10 page eBooks, you should make 20 page ones and give those away (My free book on this site is 56 pages by the way and is available for sale on Amazon).

If you’re making a free course, fill it with quality information, not just rehashed stuff that your ideal audience can find anywhere online with a quick search.  Don’t be afraid to bundle things up together to help your readers save time in their search for everything they need on a topic.

When you put your best foot forward and offer the very best product you are capable of producing you will show your clients that you absolutely mean business.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a travel blogger, a life coach, you sell physical products online or you’re a business coach.

Every single thing you offer for free should be your absolute best work!

Don’t dick around selling junk to make a quick buck.

Create the good stuff.

Fill it with your personality.

Make things that no-one can resist once they get their hands on your first ‘thing’.

And watch your fan base grow faster than you ever thought possible!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED:  I’m part of a 7 day giveaway of downloadable digital products and I’d love you to check it out.  There’s a particularly handy Twitter guide and some seriously good Facebook info too if you don’t know where to start.  PLUS you can get a free audio course from me, complete with handouts!  I’d love to know which products you liked best!  Click here to check it out:  Fabulous Free Gifts – 13 Freebies from online entrepreneurs!  The giveaway is over on 9 July, so don’t delay!

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Are Free Digital Products As Good As The Ones You Pay For? — 4 Comments

  1. I signed up for your month of freebies and have loved them so far. It’s great that you are offering such awesome products for free this month, it really is the best way to get people to come back to try out your paid stuff!
    Tegan recently posted…Don’t want to give you upMy Profile

  2. Hi Tracey,
    First time visiting and posing over from Aussie Business Buzz. I will be signing up and checking it out. Everyone loves a freebie but I think people get skeptical as there are so many dodgy products and once these companies get their hands on your email it’s pam central. I think this had made people more selective. It’s a shame as it leads us to potentially loose out on something really good. Good luck with giveaway. Maria.
    Maria @ Mummy Goes Mad recently posted…28 Weeks: Pregnancy #2My Profile

    • You’re right Maria – I can’t tell you how much I loathe Spam! I try to make sure I don’t email too much. We all get so many offers and so many emails that it can be a real pain! Thanks for dropping by – hope you get some freebies!

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