What Does Freedom Really Mean To You?

Is that a question you’ve ever considered before?

Freedom where are you?What Does Freedom Really Mean To You?

Before I decided to leave behind the only life I had known, the concept of freedom hadn’t even occurred to me.

I knew I hated being told what to do at work. I knew I thrived and achieved the most when I was left to my own devices to do my own thing.

I knew I hated housework. I hated cooking dinner. And I hated having to be at work at a certain time and put in a certain number of hours (in fairness to my previous job I had it pretty good on this front. I mostly put pressure on myself to work longer hours and make sure all my work was completed each day!)

When I started to consider travelling, the one big benefit that came up was freedom.   I even wrote about it at the time – I felt our year away was my ‘Ticket To Freedom‘.

Don’t we really all just want freedom?

Freedom to make our own decisions on our own time?

Freedom to wear what we feel most comfortable in, the clothes that express exactly who we are?

Freedom to pierce something if that makes us happy, slip our shoes off under our desk at work, take our lunch break at 3pm or tattoo a butterfly on our wrist?

Freedom to wear fishnets and big red boots to the grocery store?

For me it was freedom from the tyranny of housework!

When we set off on that 12-month trip of a lifetime I felt the absolute and luxurious freedom of not having to keep a house clean from top to bottom. No fur balls looking at me from the corner while I was trying to write. No dishes piling up in the sink while a perfectly good dishwasher sat idly by because no one bothered to pack it and turn it on.

I experienced a freedom like I had never experienced before. I got up when I wanted to – no alarm. I ate when I was hungry. I went to the beach when I felt like walking down there (and often when I didn’t because it was so pretty!) My family mostly left me in control of the travel planning so that meant I had the freedom to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. We bought a car in Texas. 10 weeks later we gave it away in Vegas after exploring a big part of the USA. We caught trains, buses and boats.

Because of the huge amount of time we had up our sleeves, we had the freedom to make our bookings on the cheapest day of the week or on the day that was the least busy!

Freedom to choose.

Freedom to decide.

Freedom to be bored.

Or busy.

Or skinny.

Or fat.

Or Cheery.

Freedom to be me!

In the end that’s what it all came down to.   A year of travelling, followed by a year at home trying to find my life’s goal, and now a life of indefinite travel have all lead to one thing.

The realization that I just want the freedom to be me.

And that’s exactly what I think everyone wants.

They just don’t know it yet!

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