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So yesterday I told you I am concentrating on book writing help and author Book Writing Help Rose Graphicplatforms (and marketing) this year.  I hope you’re as excited as I am about that!  So what can you expect in the next couple of weeks?

I decided to list out the programs I’m going to run instead of keeping you in suspense and drip feeding you the deets.  I’m a little exhausted by all the product launches I endured during the year and my inbox has positively OVERFLOWED this Christmas with a million and one offers!  It’s partly for this reason that I’ve decided to concentrate on one topic for a while.  The overload is probably impacting all of you too, right?

Of course everything here will still be launched to give it the best chance of success, I just wanted you to know what’s coming.

So here’s the plan kids:

  1. First up the relaunch of my No More Vanilla Living Action Academy!  I’ve tweaked this baby to focus a lot more on being productive and taking action.  I’ve also added some goodies that I’m sure will help you ladies stay the distance and get shit done!
  2. Planning For Publishing Pandemonium!  In January I’ll be opening up my self-led ebook writing course to give you the easy steps to get started, but more importantly to get finished.  This will cover how to write your book easily and quickly, how to get a professional cover made, all about editing and proofreading and how to get your ebook on Amazon.  Easy steps that are easy to follow if you know you can be trusted to do the work and get this book lark happening.  You just need someone to show you how!
  3. For those of you who already have the book but don’t know how to get it on Amazon I’ll be offering a short video course called The Simple Steps To Self Publishing!  This will be inexpensive and easy to follow and will cover the scary stuff you’re not really sure about when it comes time to register with Amazon and upload your book.  Amazon can be confusing!  So I’ll be showing you all the different accounts you need to register and telling you how to fill in the fields, right down to your tax info too.  (In case you don’t know, if you don’t register your tax status correctly Amazon takes 30% of your sales commission as US taxes!  Eeek)  My course is a no brainer really and will quickly pay for itself!
  4. Your Book Won’t Write Itself!  For those of you who need a kick each week to focus on your non-fiction writing, I’ll be offering this hand-holding 8 week live (online) course to make sure you do the work to get your book finished.  There’ll be writing homework each week that you’ll be expected to complete.  I’ll teach you the steps I use to get a book written and published in a month and you’ll have two months to do yours!  Each week we’ll go over a new aspect and then during the week you’ll go off and complete it.  This course will include free membership for three months to my No More Vanilla Living Action Academy to help you keep up your momentum.  I’ll even spruik all your finished books to my community when you publish them on Amazon in a few months time!
  5. Kindle authors need to start building a platform where they can promote their books.  My Basic Blogging Tips & Tricks Video Course is designed to show you every single tip you need to set up a blog and start promoting yourself on your own platform.  These are short videos.  You watch each one and then do the steps.  This course will be lifetime access so if you decide to create another blog in three month’s time you can watch the videos again and again.  If you don’t have a budget to pay someone to set up a website for you, this is a great option to get yourself online.
  6. I’ll be relaunching many of my current products and gearing them towards writing ebooks and creating your author platform.  These will be available as each one is updated.

Imagine a book like this with your name on it just a month or two from now?  How FCModel2excited would you be to tell people you’re a published author?  I remember I was over the moon when I published my first book!

Of course I have a big long list of other goodies I’ll be putting out there this year but this is great for a start.  I have a history of changing my mind when new opportunities come along so I’ve put the other items on the backburner in case more awesome ideas come to me from the book writing courses.  I’d hate to discover a gap in your knowledge and not have the time to create something to help you get the best results!

I’d love to hear what you think about my plans.  Do you have a book in you that’s dying to get out?  Do you have a specific question or a range of questions that you need answered or that you think I should absolutely not leave out of my courses?  Please let me know in the comments….you know I respond to every single one!

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