I Love Free Stuff Online! I Hope You Do Too!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love free stuff online! Free stuff online!  30 days of giveaways!  Christmas In July!

Getting something unexpected for free just makes me so excited, especially when the online freebie is something really useful!

I don’t ever care about the monetary value of the gift and I don’t go around trying to score stuff for free, but when something I value is offered to me as a bonus or an extra it really makes me happy! And I try really hard to use the product exactly like I would if I had paid for it!

A great example of valuable free stuff is the free eBook I’m currently offering on this site.  If you slide on over to the top right hand sidebar ——–>>>>>   you can receive my just-published Amazon book for free!

Yep, zero dollars to get your hands on the first in my Freedom Champion series!  Bargain huh?

I sign up to all kids of websites all the time to get the freebie they are offering.

I especially love free books, helpful business checklists and the odd free audio recording I’ve managed to get my hands on.  People offer so much value these days – I hope you’re taking full advantage of these freebies too! I’ve learnt so much and have been able to implement great changes to my business from information I’ve learned from free products!

Getting a freebie online is akin to what my old self used to think of a buy-one-get-one-free offer in a department store!

Major Score!

The best part is you can get a feel for what the website owner is like when you use their free item.  You can find out if you want to stay on their mailing list and if you like the way they do business.  You can also easily decide if their paid products would be worth purchasing.

The better their free item is, the better their paid products are likely to be!

I’m offering free stuff online for the entire month of July!

Because I love a good freebie and because I’d love you all to benefit from some too, I’ve decided to run a huge promotion in July to give you a whole month of free product downloads!

Yep – you heard right – for 30 days I’ll be offering a free product each day for you to visit this site and use an exclusive download link that will take you to your freebie of the day!

How cool is that?

To make sure you don’t miss out on the notifications that will come to you each day, use this sign up link to get on the free giveaway list.

There are some simple rules for this giveaway:

  • The promotion will run from 1 July to 30 July and will run on Kuala Lumpur time which is GMT+8hrs.
  • Each product will be available for download for 24 hours after the email notification is sent to the list.
  • After this 24 hour period expires, the product will revert to a paid product and will be available for purchase on the site.  Make sure you download them while they are free, otherwise you’ll have to part with cash to get your hot little hands on these goodies!
  • Each product download will be password protected.  You MUST be on my mailing list to receive the special emails with the links and the daily password.
  • Anyone can join in on the giveaway at any time, simply by subscribing to the mailing list.  They’ll be able to download from the next daily email.
  • Every product available for free will be converting to a paid product after the promotional period.  There are no ‘filler’ products being offered.  Everything is top quality and will be sold on this website going forward for real cash!

So what kind of goodies can you expect in this giveaway?

I’m not going to publish the whole list but you can expect to receive helpful blogging checklists, free eBooks, free audio courses and other products designed to help women entrepreneurs in their online business endeavours.

There’ll be products for beginners and products for those who’ve been in business for a while.

My business is geared towards helping women achieve their goals and dreams.  If just a couple of these products save you some time and give you back some freedom, I will have done my job.

But I think you’re going to love the whole lot!

I think you’re going to want to implement every single idea you receive immediately!  You might even blame me for losing some sleep! Remember to click the link to get on the list. Then keep an eye out for the emails announcing the start of the giveaway! You don’t want to miss them!

Don’t miss a single update.  You never know what crazy stuff I might share!  Follow me on social media by clicking on these big pink buttons!  You know you want to!


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I Love Free Stuff Online! I Hope You Do Too! — 10 Comments

    • Hey Tabitha – thanks so much for sharing this around. The more people that can take advantage of it, the better! Hope you get to enjoy the freebies too!

    • Thanks Carol – I really hope everyone can get some goodies to help them in their business. Would you believe I’m part of another giveaway in early July too? So there’ll be a whole extra 12 freebies on offer to from some awesome business peeps! And I’m also starting the Blog to Book course to work towards a published book deal – that’s on Wednesday! It’s going to be a big first week playing Santa!!

    • Thanks Tegan! I’m aiming to make all the products quick and easy to use so you don’t get overwhelmed! Just make a folder on your computer and shove them all in there each time you download them – then you can work your way through, one at a time! Thanks so much for joining in!

    • I KNOW!! I’m so excited to run the giveaway for the whole month! I’ve also organised a bonus giveaway in the first week and I’ll be starting your course tomorrow night – it’s all HAPPENING and there’ll be no sleep this month!

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