I’ll Teach You How To Write eBooks For Kindle!

Yep I really am going to teach you how to write ebooks for Kindle this year!Learn how to write ebooks for Kindle like this one of mine!

I wrote seven books last year so I think I’m pretty well placed to share my tips with you!  You can click on the book image to the right to go to my Amazon page and check out my published goodies so far.

I’m watching hundreds of people publish their 2015 goal lists or New Year’s resolutions on facebook and on loads of them is the wish to write a book.  I know you’ve seen them too.  What I noticed is that some of those same people had book writing on their 2014 list and never quite got there.

What I’m hearing is that they haven’t started yet because they don’t really know how to write ebooks for Kindle on Amazon.  Many people believe they can write.  They have a list of ideas.  But they have no inkling even how to register themselves with Amazon, let alone how to get a book cover or market their new volume.  I’ve even heard people say that they don’t even read Amazon books or use the platform themselves!

It would definitely be daunting if Amazon isn’t a place you already hang out.  The benefits of having your own published book are massive though.

So I’m going to create some cool tools to help everyone get the easy step-by-step plan to write a book and publish it on Amazon this year.  If book writing is on your list make sure you stick around and participate!  As always not everything I provide will be paid.  There’ll be loads of free info for you to utilize in your kindle book writing journey.

I can’t quite believe it’s 2015!  The last couple of months that I’ve been in Melbourne have FLOWN BY!

  • I’ve started on my work contract.
  • I’ve caught up with my now-very-pregnant daughter and her boyfriend which has been awesome.
  • The whole family flew from Melbourne and Malaysia to Brisbane for my other daughter’s high school graduation.
  • Then my husband and youngest son headed off to Denmark for a month with his family for Christmas.
  • My daughter got herself an awesome end of year score to stand her in great stead to enter University next year if that’s what she decides on.
  • Then I had a week long stay in hospital with pancreatitis and have been taking it easy all through Christmas and New Year.

The Christmas lull gave me a chance to plan my own book publishing schedule for the next year and I now have a plan for the 12 books I’m going to publish this year.  I’ve made a small start to the writing too!

Of course I also used the break to plan all the quick and easy ways I can help you guys to write your own books.  I’ll be focussing on books and that also encompasses promoting yourself as an author.  So you can expect all the usual blogging tips and action taking tips as well.  Taking action is bloody important if you plan to get your book done and out there into people’s Kindle readers or Kindle apps!

If you want to know how to write ebooks for Kindle this year I know you won’t want to miss out on what I have coming up!

Check back tomorrow for the list of goodies I’ll be offering in the next few months.

If a book is on your goal list this year, please leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!

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