Who Inspires Me The Most?

I’m busy planning my new products to help you write your own book this year and Who Inspires YouI’m almost ready to release the first one – a couple of hours on the weekend and we are there!  While I’ve been working on it I’ve been thinking about who inspires me the most when I’m hanging out online.

You know, you’re busily writing, making lists, pretty checklists and preparing for audio recordings…..and your mind wanders to that cool blog post you just read by one of your favourite online peeps!

I figured I’d tell you about the amazing women I know (or follow/stalk) online.  Maybe you have your own list of ladies whose stuff you read and you always feel like they are talking exactly to you?  I particularly love when my favourite ladies are naughty – one in particular uses the F bomb with wild abandon.  She’ll happily tell you that it gets her a few haters – but I love her even more because she’s just herself.  I’m not sure the F word was meant to be funny but I often laugh out loud when I read one of her posts!

These are the types of people I love to follow.  The ones who get you (even if they don’t know who you are!)  The ones that go the extra mile to help other people out.  Those that give enormous value without the expectation of getting anything back in return.

So enough of my ramblings.  Let me tell you about these fab women and encourage you to go check them out too.  My list is in no particular order of course lest I start an Internet war!

  1. Serena Star Leonard.  Honestly how can you not love someone who has ‘Star’ in their name?  I can’t!  I first discovered Serena when I bought her book at the airport in Melbourne in 2011 (I will NOT bore you all with this story again but here’s a link so you can read all about the life changing plans that Serena’s book inspired!)  I would not have discovered all the other ladies on this list if I hadn’t made such a big life change!  Since reading Serena’s book I’ve done a course or two with her online and they’ve been AH-MAH-ZING!  I’ve learnt so much and achieved a tonne as a direct result.  When I manage to get my hot little hands on a book publishing deal in the next couple of years, Serena will be the reason!  I’ve had coaching sessions with her that have jumped me forward in leaps and bounds and I now stalk Serena online at all hours of the night and day (it helps she’s on the other side of the world!)  She even kindly included my adventures in her second book and declared me her bestie!  My life was suddenly complete!  True story….Here’s the proof…..Who Inspires Me The Most?  Serena Star Leonard!
  2. Kylie Gabutto.  This chick rocks!  I met her in an online coaching program and I could tell straight away she was fab.  Classy, fun and just a bit elegant is my Kylie!  I’ve had the good fortune to be part of Kylie’s online business course offerings last year and I have to say she really knows her stuff.  If you need marketing or sales help or someone to pierce right through to the heart of your problem, Kylie is your Gal.  Check out how pretty her website is.  Check out how pretty her facebook page is.  Kylie makes this stuff look easy and she’s a pleasure to follow online.  I may stalk her a little too (anyone noticing a pattern?)  This week I noted she called me a CREATIVE GENIUS!  I considered crying, I was so chuffed!
  3. Adrienne Smith. Adrienne is one of those ladies that you imagine eats Energizer batteries for breakfast because really, who could have this much energy?  Check out the comments section of any page of her blog and you’ll see what I mean.  Adrienne answers every single comment.  Every single one!  Now, I do too, but I only have a couple to reply to!  Adrienne sometimes gets hundreds of comments on a thread and she replies to EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Sometimes I’m reluctant to leave a comment when I’m just passing through but honestly, she loves it!  When I discovered last week that she keeps a spreadsheet so that she knows who’s been commenting and for how long I was floored.  I’m telling you, she must have some secret power to give her an extra 8 hours a day than the rest of us.  How she even got time to release an online product last year is beyond me!  Every time I visit her blog I feel all warm and fuzzy!  And I’ve met some cool people through hanging around in her comments.  Which leads me to……
  4. Deborah Tutnauer.   Deb and I connected in the comments of Adrienne’s blog.  How cool is that?  (It still blows my mind that you can ‘meet’ people on blogs and social media.)  I find it incredibly difficult not to love someone in a cute black dress and big black boots!  Deborah leaves me lovely comments full of thoughtful insights.  Sometimes she comes back to add something she forgot.  Love it, love it, love it!  You’ll get sensible advice from her website with the odd interesting story thrown in!  I do love stories!
  5. Ash Ambirge.  Beware before you check out Ash’s site.  The name should be warning enough if you’re a bit delicate.  The Middle Finger Project is a cool and happening site with a community of fun loving and kick-ass peeps behind it.  The facebook page Ash has set up is one of my favourite.  Ash will send you some of the most inspiring emails you’ve ever received.  She’ll probably send some of the most outrageous too.  You’ll get used to it!  Her website has a disclaimer at the top: Not for humorless bores!  That about sums it up I think!  I’ve learnt a tonne there about copywriting, business and generally being yourself.  Ash’s emails are one of the few that I open straight away.  ‘Nuff said!

So now you know who inspires me the most online!

You should definitely check those links I’ve very kindly provided and see if you can discover some awesome new ladies to follow too.  I’d appreciate it if you left the stalking to me though – that’s kinda how I make friends, K?

Keep your eyes peeled for my new book writing course which is coming next week too.

AND please tell me in the comments who inspires you the most everyday…..

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Who Inspires Me The Most? — 12 Comments

  1. you yourself are a bundle of high octane energy! looking at your list of ebooks that you’ve written, you are bound to get that book deal because you don’t sit down in a sodden mess (which i’m so good at) – you bloody get on with it! (do i get points for using “bloody”?). you and i relate so well on socmed because i relate to your humour and attitude. so i guess i’m saying you inspire me, Ms Tracey!

    • Awww…that’s super nice Nancy! Thanks! I do have an evil sense of humour! And I do love to write. So I guess I’ll keep pounding them out – hoping to help some others get their first creations done this year for kindle too!

  2. Ah Tracey, I’m so flattered to be on this list with all these other amazing ladies.

    Of course I know the awesome Deborah and I agree, she’s a really cool lady. We’ve even had some phone conversations because you know I ask for phone numbers. I’m definitely familiar with Ash, who isn’t right? I don’t get by her place often but I love that she is who she is and makes no excuses.

    I’ve never met Serena or Kylie (her link isn’t working by the way) but will try to pop over and take a look around. I’m always open to meeting some new people and especially some rockin ladies.

    Thank you for the introductions and again for being included. I hope your year got off to a great start and you’re enjoying your week. Happy blogging my friend and good luck with releasing your product. How exciting!

    Adrienne recently posted…2015 Is Officially Here; Are You Ready To BlogMy Profile

    • Hello Adrienne – you human plugin you! The broken link checker didn’t catch that dodgy link, but you did. Thanks so much for pointing it out. One pesky full stock in the wrong place and everything stops working!

      It was my pleasure to include you in my most inspiring ladies post. I really do skulk around your blog much more than I leave comments! And I love to follow the conversations that get emailed after I comment as more people leave comments too.

      Hope you enjoyed your blogging break and got everything ticked off your list while relaxing a whole heap!

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Hi Tracey,

    What a great list of dynamic women – I wonder why they are all girls – thank you for sharing! Reading your list and having a look at their sites made me smile and I could easily forget the time reading… it seems you are in good on-line hands!


    • Thanks Ulrike – You know you’ve found awesome ladies to follow along with when they don’t mind being stalked online in the slightest!

  4. Hi Tracey,
    Have read 2 of your books. Loved How to sleep you way…. And the book you wrote about budgeting. Have been catching up on ya blogs, and wanted to let you know you inspire me! Thanks for being honest. So often we only read about those who have ‘made it’ and I think they tend to gloss over or forget the unproductive months and life hurdles that happen, when reflecting back. Go girl will continue to check up ( maybe you prefer stalk lol ) on your progress.

    • Hey Colleen – thanks for being my latest stalker! So glad you loved the books – I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you left a lovely review. As an avid book reviewer I never realised it would be so hard! I hope you’ve got a tonne of tips to help you snap up cheap deals when you go exploring. I’m currently laid up after having my gall bladder removed but stay tuned for more great stuff this year! Thanks again. Tracey

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