Let Me Help You Write A Book (And Finish It) Too!

I’ve got some exciting news today. I’ve released five new books since the last time I posted here for you! Let me help you write a book by finding the timeYep, five! Two of those will remain a secret since they’re under my new outrageously dirty erotica pen name (ahem!) but the other three might just help you write a book if you’ve ever considered getting your own novel out there!

So many people asked me about book writing that I decided to write a series of short books to help people on their own publishing journey. Who better than a self-published author to explain to new authors what they should do? I know, I know, there’s a tonne of internet resources out there and I’ve used a lot of them myself. Googling ‘finding time to write’ can lead to a tonne of wasted time, though. You search, read an article, click on a banner that looks interesting, click on another article or two, and before you know it you’re on a sales page for shoes covered in hand-made flowers! (Don’t ask me how I know this!)

A much better option if you want to learn about writing (or any new skill, really) is to grab a short book that covers the exact topic you need, in this case, finding time to write. Dump it onto your Kindle or whatever App you use to read Kindle books, then spend the time reading and learning about what you need to do to find time to write your book. That’s the beauty of a book – much less distraction. (Of course, if you’re a mum you might have to lock yourself in the bathroom to read a whole book without distraction!)

Then you can use the information you read about to help you write a book!

My new Fast Publishing Secrets series will eventually be ten books. I’m going to talk about motivation, covers and all kinds of things that you need information on to publish. I know what it takes to start a book and finish it. I also know what comes after the writing part; all the other tasks you have to master to get your book onto Amazon before you decide to give up!

I’ve split my books up so they’re short and useful. The first three have the covers pictured below and you can click on them to go to the Amazon page and read about each one. (They’re each available in Kindle Unlimited too!)

My favourite at the moment is ‘How To Carve Out Writing Time In An Already Busy Life’. I think this book is the basic one needed by all writers. If you can’t find time to write, you can never know if your imagined book is any good, right?

So you need that book if you have a publishing dream! Let me know what you think if you grab one of them or drop me a line if you’d like me to help you write a book….. Now back to the romance writing since my next book is released September 1st!
How to get our new ebook published on Amazon without losing your mind!How To Carve Out Writing Time In An Already Busy LifeHow to write your first non fiction book in less than 30 days!

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