Live Your Greatness And Let It Shine!

What do you think about greatness?Live Your Greatness - You Owe It To Yourself!

Do you secretly think you’re great but would hate for anyone to notice?

Or do you strive to be fabulous in everything you do and you make sure that everyone sure-as-shit knows it?

For me, it’s somewhere in the middle.  Which is interesting because I’ve never been a middle-of-the-road type of girl!

I’m a perfectionist by nature.  Detail oriented and, once upon a time, I could be really anal about stuff.  (I’m so far the other way now that sometimes I wonder if I was ever really that highly strung at all!)

No matter how laid back I am these days, I still strive to be great in everything I do.  And I seriously admire other people who go the extra mile, jump through extra hoops and do it all with a smile and a middle-finger-salute to what anyone else thinks!

I’m thrilled these days when someone notices something great I’ve done for them or loves a great product I’ve created.  I’m equally comfortable with no feedback because I’m very, very sure of who I am and where I’m going.

So what does it mean to live your greatness?

Is it just completing a task on time?  Paying your bills every month and having money left over?  Is it caring for your family without complaining no matter how much they shit you?  Is it achieving your career goals, providing for the family or taking pride in the fact that your children’s clothes are ALWAYS ironed?  (OMG – if this is you, stop reading right now – you’re in the wrong place – I don’t even own an iron!!)

Is it going the extra mile to make sure your customers love you and leave your business feeling a million dollars?  Do you fuss over the details to get things just right and threaten anyone who gets in the way with a good tasering?  Like my awesome hairdresser back in Brisbane does?  (That’s the link to her facebook page – you’re welcome future women with fabulous hair!)

Is greatness smiling and putting up with your toddler who won’t even let you go to the toilet without them trailing along?  Or not screaming as they are tapping on the door and asking what you’re doing (after you’ve closed and locked it tight) while you JUST GET A MINUTE TO PEE!

I think greatness is all of those things.  And I think it comes from deep within.

Sometimes it’s hiding.

You don’t even know it’s there.

I think it can even be learned…

Everyone is capable of change.

Everyone is capable of turning their life around, learning a new skill, inspiring other people to make a huge life change or just deciding to be a better person.  If women, in particular, weren’t capable of change how would any of us ever put up with the experience of having a child?  lol

Or even getting a puppy.  Or an annoying new boyfriend!

The secret to being great is that you do it whether people notice or not.  You do it because it is WHO YOU ARE.  It’s the extra thing you do when no-one else is looking or is every likely to find out.

That’s what it means to live your greatness.

It might be worth considering whether you are living yours.

Just know that you can be great!

Trust me.  I know stuff!

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Live Your Greatness And Let It Shine! — 13 Comments

    • Thanks Tabitha. That sentence is very close to my heart. It’s something I firmly believe in. I’ve seen so many people change when they really thought they couldn’t!

  1. I love this post! I try to live my greatness, but sometimes external pressure is so great that you just want to shrink away for a couple of days… I know the feeling well. But you’re so right; integrity is a huge part of it. We should all strive to be great, whatever it means to each of us, especially when no one’s watching. 

    • Hey Natalie – thanks for dropping by. I think knowing who you are and when you need to withdraw for a period of time is definitely a sign of living your greatness.

  2. YES! YES! YES!
    “The secret to being great is that you do it whether people notice it or not.”
    An excellent reminder that one doesn’t have to be defined by others opinions of them and it coincides with what I believe that as you succeed in your personal greatness, people around you will notice, and often be drawn to you. Akin to lighting your own candle and lighting a thousand others.

    • Thanks for your kind comment Susan. People definitely do notice when we practice being great! Love that about one candle lighting a thousand others – that’s spot on!

  3. Wow, have always thought of greatness as something so much bigger. Put it on a pedestal of sorts. Loving the perspective change of living in ‘my’ greatness. Going to look at what is deep inside me to find the greatness that might be hiding…just underneath the surface. 🙂

  4. This was both sweet and inspiring! So glad to read this, though I really should have in the morning – I’m super pumped but exhausted from today! Knowing who you are is CRUCIAL to being any kind of successful. Here’s to doing that little extra, even though no one may see or acknowledge it!

    • lol Tremaine! Feel free to come back and read it in the morning! Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to live your greatness if you had a heap of acknowledgement. But then I think about celebrities who are insecure and figure it doesn’t even matter in the end!

  5. You make me smile, Tracey! And I love your definition of greatness. When I think of the word ‘Greatness’, it stirs up images of grandeur and massive accomplishment. I’d never really considered that greatness could be achieved by just BE-ing me! What a wonderful realization. I love it when people change my perspective on things and you have just done that. Thank you and nicely done. 🙂

  6. Tracey, what a lovely post- I really love what you said about asking yourself if you’re living in your greatness. It’s actually kind of like what Michael Knouse says above- I too had this thought that “greatness” was supposed to be grandiose and difficult to attain… but your article made me realize that this isn’t the only definition. I am actually glad to have read it because this is just the time in my life when I realized that certain things I just thought were plain and simple- things about me and my life- I now realize they are part of my greatness. The little things like you said- like ironing (haha! which I also don’t do!) But in my case it would be not giving up, working hard at what I do, even with all the mistakes, but these days more than anything- in Loving Myself, even with all my imperfections. I think that is greatness as well, because it’s not always easy to do.
    Jesicka Labud recently posted…What Riding A Bike Has To Do With Learning ProgrammingMy Profile

    • Hey Jesicka – thanks for your thoughtful comment. Just this week I’ve heard two people mention what you talk about. One in particular stands out. Our 25 year school reunion is due (yes – I’m that old!) One former classmate commented that it’s all a joke and people only want to hang out with the ‘cool kids’. Anyone who is just a mum and isn’t anything special is just ignored. I thought that was really sad. None of us are ‘just a mum’. It takes hard word, perseverence and a big chunk of your life to be a mum. How great is it to produce quality humans who feel compassion for others! I hope to see her at our reunion. She’ll be getting a pep talk from me!! So glad to meet someone else who doesn’t iron Jesicka! What a boring waste of time!

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