How Do You Manage To Block Out All The Noise Online?

How Do YOU manage to block out all the noise online?A few days ago I asked you to think about whether you were fully aware of the opportunity you held in your hand.  If you’re keen to succeed online I hope you thought about it and implemented some ACTION!

The flipside of this is that the internet can overwhelm you like nothing else on earth, except maybe parenthood!

We all need to find ways that we can manage to block out the internet ‘noise’!

While there are thousands of online opportunities and an almost unlimited number of ways to be successful and earn an income online, there are also unlimited chances to be distracted by all the ‘noise’.

We’ve all been there and I guarantee you know what I’m talking about.

  • Email inboxes that are jammed full of great info that you don’t want to delete, but you don’t have time to act on.
  • Time sucking social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Google+ and I could go on for ages….. (and yes I just added to your overwhelm by linking to my Facebook and Twitter pages – you’re welcome!)
  • Blogs like this one that publish regularly and either inspire or teach you something.  There are so many these days that it is almost impossible to even remember all your favourites, let alone check in on them regularly!
  • Membership sites, online courses and my own personal favourite Pandora’s box –!!

When you are drowning in the deluge of online information and distractions there’s really only one good plan to survive it.

Switch off.





The above strategy really is the only way.

This is what I do when I feel overwhelmed by all the stimulation and information available.  First I attack email.

  1. I choose what information will stay and what will go.  I take all my longing to be updated out of the equation.  I’m ruthless and I choose what I will allow into my attention span.  I switch off my heart, if you like!
  2. Next I delete everything that doesn’t fit.  I’ve done this so many times now that it is easy for me.  You’ll find it harder – I guarantee it.  But only the first couple of times!  I delete every single email that is from a mailing list.  Then I implement a system of flagging new emails that come in.  If they are fab and I don’t have time to read them I flag them.  If they are something important like bank statements, a customer contact or something else I would hate to lose, I flag it.  Then every couple of months I delete everything that’s not flagged if I haven’t had time to deal with it.
  3. As those new emails arrive, I unsubscribe from the ones I no longer want to receive.  When you start doing this you may be amazed at how much stuff you don’t even remember signing up for!  Usually I’ve forgotten who gives me great info and who just tries to sell me things so I like to unsubscribe in this manner and reconnect with some good stuff I’ve been missing.  Occasionally I’ll add a blog to my RSS feed and unsubscribe from the emails if I feel it is worth reading but don’t really want the email updates.
  4. Through all this I remember to breathe.  So what if I delete something important?  The person will resend it if they really need my input.  So what if I missed a product launch?  If the sender is doing their job properly they’ll send multiple emails over a few days.  I don’t sweat anything that I may have missed.  Life is too short to worry about emails!

Once I’ve dealt with all that crappy email I move on to the online programmes.  Very often some of this will have been taken care of by the email cull!

  1. I log into my PayPal and examine any recurring payments (use the profile tab).  Anything I’m not using gets cancelled.  I choose what to keep and what to get rid of.  There’s no reason to waste money on content you aren’t accessing.  You know you’ve been guilty of this at least once!
  2. I delete passwords for these sites that are stored in my email folders too.  A quick search of my email lets me do this without wasting too much time.  Occasionally I don’t even worry about this step – it depends how much time I’ve dedicated to the task – that’s usually not much!
  3. I make lists of the membership sites I’m keeping in a spreadsheet and them I go to each of them and log in.  I have LastPass intalled so this will make sure my passwords are saved.
  4. Then I add these sites to my calendar.  And I make time to work on them every week.  At the end of a month if I’m not working on them I go back and cancel them in my PayPal!  Easy!

I make it a point to never waste too much time on social media sites.  I can get sucked into those damn sites for hours!  I really enjoy a chat and these sites are my Kryptonite!

You might have noticed I linked you to only two social media sites above?  I have accounts on all of the others but I concentrate on just two.  These are the two that I have found give me the best results and they are the ones where I enjoy talking to my audience and interacting with people.  I find them easy to use and there’s no effort involved to connect with people.  (I work online in another country remember – I can’t just catch up with someone for an in-person chat whenever I want!)

I spend no more than 10 minutes a day on Twitter and 10 minutes a day on Facebook for work.  I limit my ‘fun’ usage to first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  And I MOSTLY stick to this!

Some days I just want to lay on the couch and talk shit on Facebook though. Occasionally I even let myself do that!  I’m an adult – I can do what I want, right?

So now you know my solutions to the three things that overwhelm me online – Email, Memberships and Social Media.

I’d love to know how you all deal with the distractions of modern life and how you manage to block out the online noise.  Are you really strict with yourself or have you just given up and struggle on as best you can?  Let me know in the comments ladies!

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    • Hi Holly – thanks a bunch for sharing. I’m pleased to report my inbox is empty today (well on one email account I have!)

    • Yeah Tamzen – don’t you feel awesome for those few minutes when you inbox is cleared out and no new stuff has come in! It’s like a regroup to start the whole thing again!! Thanks for dropping by!

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