My No More Vanilla Living Adventure Starts Today!

no more vanilla living!

Here we go. Today is the day.

This is it!

  • I’m finished doubting myself and my abilities!
  • I’m finished staying silent when I think someone is full of shit!
  • I’m finished putting off projects that will change how I live my life!
  • I’m over trading my freedom for an income!
  • I have no more mediocre in me!
  • I’m done following celebrities on Twitter!
  • And I’ll use as many damn exclamation marks as I want!!!!!!

From here on in, there’s no more vanilla!

There’s only chocolate and raspberry and mango and peanut butter and cookie dough and peppermint – with cream, nuts, multiple cherries and rivers of chocolate sauce!

There’s fun and freedom and fabulous shoes!  Vanilla living is D.E.A.D!

All of these things reflect how my life is going to be from now on.

How do I know this?

Because I have decided it will be so!

Stick around. Join in. Connect with me.

Let’s find those rivers of chocolate together!!

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