How Do You Manage To Block Out All The Noise Online?

A few days ago I asked you to think about whether you were fully aware of the opportunity you held in your hand.  If you’re keen to succeed online I hope you thought about it and implemented some ACTION! The flipside of this is that the internet can overwhelm you like nothing else on earth, except maybe parenthood! We all need to find ways that we can manage to block out the internet ‘noise’! While there are thousands of online opportunities and an almost unlimited number of ways to be successful and earn an income online, there are also unlimited chances to … Get the rest

Do You Know What You Hold In Your Hands?

Do you really know what you hold in your hand right now?  The opportunities that living in this time, right now put in front of you? If you’ve never thought about it, consider this. At what other time in history have you been able to start a business for less than $100? Where else but online can you have this opportunity to start a business, connect with your tribe of customers who love you and change their lives with your service or product? When you start a website and put yourself out into the world, you have the chance to impact … Get the rest

Free Big Life Change Coaching Sessions For 18 People!

Today I have something super exciting to announce! I’m “officially” launching my coaching biz and to celebrate I’m offering 18 people the chance for a free coaching session with me. Yep, you heard right! Free 60 minute sessions for 18 people where we’ll discuss whatever ‘big thing’ you need help with.  I’ll help you get on the right path or show you ways to ‘level up’ if you’ve already gotten started!  That’s $129 value for nix! These aren’t strategy sessions where we scope each other out and work out how we can work together.  These are proper one hour sessions … Get the rest

Live Your Greatness And Let It Shine!

What do you think about greatness? Do you secretly think you’re great but would hate for anyone to notice? Or do you strive to be fabulous in everything you do and you make sure that everyone sure-as-shit knows it? For me, it’s somewhere in the middle.  Which is interesting because I’ve never been a middle-of-the-road type of girl! I’m a perfectionist by nature.  Detail oriented and, once upon a time, I could be really anal about stuff.  (I’m so far the other way now that sometimes I wonder if I was ever really that highly strung at all!) No matter … Get the rest

Are Free Digital Products As Good As The Ones You Pay For?

This is how we look

I’m running a huge giveaway this month and am enjoying releasing an entire suite of products to help you in your online business. I’ve had quite a few people email me saying they are surprised at the quality of the products as they thought they would be flimsy and very light on content, since they were free! This hadn’t actually occurred to me (and if you didn’t sign up because you thought this too you can get access right here). Every product I’ve created for the giveaway has been designed specifically to become a paid product on this website after … Get the rest

I Slept In? So What? I’m An Adult!!

I'm an adult! You should deal with it!

As you’d all know, I’m running a 30 day giveaway for the entire month of July!  It’s pretty intense since, being me, I’m also participating in another 7 day giveaway while running free strategy sessions and a couple of other blogs too, all at the same time! Yep, it’s a busy time and I really, really love it! I’m also running the giveaway with no technical support.  I know how to do everything so I’m just doing it! And did I mention that for an extra challenge I decided to make each of the products as I go?  There aren’t … Get the rest

I Love Free Stuff Online! I Hope You Do Too!

Free 30 days of giveaways! Christmas In July!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love free stuff online!  Getting something unexpected for free just makes me so excited, especially when the online freebie is something really useful! I don’t ever care about the monetary value of the gift and I don’t go around trying to score stuff for free, but when something I value is offered to me as a bonus or an extra it really makes me happy! And I try really hard to use the product exactly like I would if I had paid for it! A great example of valuable free stuff … Get the rest

What Does Freedom Really Mean To You?

Freedom to be yourself

Is that a question you’ve ever considered before? What Does Freedom Really Mean To You? Before I decided to leave behind the only life I had known, the concept of freedom hadn’t even occurred to me. I knew I hated being told what to do at work. I knew I thrived and achieved the most when I was left to my own devices to do my own thing. I knew I hated housework. I hated cooking dinner. And I hated having to be at work at a certain time and put in a certain number of hours (in fairness to … Get the rest

Is Your Dream To Make Money Online?

Free strategy session with The Freedom Champion!

Any of you out there trying to make it online need to know that you’re not alone!  Do you want to make money online but you’re just a beginner? Do you follow a few gurus who always say they are available any time and urge you to contact them for help or assistance? Are you in awe of them? Do you feel a bit unworthy of their time, feeling like someone else possibly needs their help more? Maybe you really connect with some successful online people and you have a relationship with them already? Are you still on the back … Get the rest

Pros And Cons Of Working For Yourself

Following on from my list of the pros and cons of full time employment, I figured the opposite side of the coin was the list of reasons why you should or should not work for yourself!! So here they are! Pros of working for yourself Time is your own. Not required to show up for 40 hours if you don’t want. Freedom. Make your own decision and policies. No men in suits telling you what to do. Opportunity to earn an uncapped income. Travel at a moment’s notice. Sense of achievement when you achieve. Business can move to ‘on the road’ … Get the rest

Pros And Cons Of Working Full Time

pros and cons of working full time!

Most people are brought up to follow the usual path. Go to school, go to university, get a good job, save money, buy a house, retire at 65 and live an awesome life in retirement! But what if one of these ingredients is missing? What if you couldn’t afford to attend university? What if you never did buy a house? What if you weren’t prepared to wait until 65 for the fun to start? What if you quit your great job and took your family travelling and now dread the thought of giving 40 hours of more or your life … Get the rest

No More Vanilla Living Takes Shape On!

pros and cons of working full time!

What do I want this site to be about? How can I get the message out there that just because we’ve slipped into a vanilla lifestyle, it doesn’t mean we can’t change our lives to become more chocolate? Who am I to even tell you that you must be chocolate? You can be raspberry! You can be candy floss! I am particularly partial to macadamia nut too! The point is you choose your flavour from here on in! You decide how you want your life to look! That’s where I come in. With a bit of luck you’ll find something … Get the rest