Pros And Cons Of Working For Yourself

pros and cons of working for yourself - no damn clocks!

Following on from my list of the pros and cons of full time employment, I figured the opposite side of the coin was the list of reasons why you should or should not work for yourself!!

So here they are!

Pros of working for yourself

  1. Time is your own. Not required to show up for 40 hours if you don’t want.
  2. Freedom. Make your own decision and policies. No men in suits telling you what to do.
  3. Opportunity to earn an uncapped income.
  4. Travel at a moment’s notice.
  5. Sense of achievement when you achieve.
  6. Business can move to ‘on the road’ if required.
  7. Opportunities to outsource the boring bits!
  8. Work in your pyjamas if you want!

Cons of working for yourself

  1. Self discipline required from the start!
  2. No superannuation – have to provide for your own retirement.
  3. Lack of social contact – I need playmates!! Sometimes I work better with others nearby.
  4. No structure to the day – left to my own devices working from home I can be tempted to sleep all day or go to the beach!
  5. No security. Money can be tight without a regular income.
  6. No chance of a free car and petrol!
  7. You have to learn a million skills and wear all those hats.

What do you think I missed?  I’m sure there are far more pros to working for yourself than there are cons of self-employment!  Let me know in the comments…

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