I Slept In? So What? I’m An Adult!!

I'm an adult!  You should deal with it!As you’d all know, I’m running a 30 day giveaway for the entire month of July!  It’s pretty intense since, being me, I’m also participating in another 7 day giveaway while running free strategy sessions and a couple of other blogs too, all at the same time!

Yep, it’s a busy time and I really, really love it!

I’m also running the giveaway with no technical support.  I know how to do everything so I’m just doing it!

And did I mention that for an extra challenge I decided to make each of the products as I go?  There aren’t 30 products sitting on my hard drive, just waiting to be uploaded to the site for you!  Nope – I create a fresh product each day for you guys!

Considering one of those was a nearly 10,000 word course, I’m doing great to keep on track!

All of this insanity is for a reason though.  I wanted to create a product about doing a 30 day giveaway.  But I hadn’t ever run one.  So I figured I’d get first hand experience by jumping right in!

That’s how I roll baby!

Which leads me to tell you what happened yesterday!

You can imagine that doing all this at once is a big effort.  And it is.  But I have the background of a fabulous beach location with street food calling me at every moment.  So there’s plenty of time to relax while I work in blocks to get everything done in time.

I’m naturally a night owl so there’s been some VERY late nights too!

Which is why…

Yesterday I slept in.

I was happily snuggled in my bed, dreaming away behind the blackout curtains that are essential in this tropical location.

I rolled over and could hear birds singing.  Which lead me to lazily wonder what time it was and how long I had to get the next giveaway loaded up.

Shock of all shock – it was 12 o’clock!

The giveaway was now an hour overdue!

(Now don’t hate me – I know some of you would kill to wake up at 12 o’clock with no alarm!  lol)

I could have flipped out!

I could have panicked and wondered what everyone would think of me!

I could have given up on the giveaway, decided that I wasn’t cut out for online working or worried for the next 48 hours that everyone thought I was unprofessional for sending the giveaway ‘late’.

What did I actually do?

I rolled over, stretched out and thought about how fabulous it is that I can do what I want!

I reflected on the fact that I’m an adult!

Then I calmly wandered downstairs and got to loading up the goodies.  I sent the email announcing the daily password and then I strolled down the road with my husband to the little lane next to the beach to get some fabulous lemon chicken and a cold Diet Coke!

You see, I worked out long ago that I’m an adult!

I can do whatever I want to do.

I can choose to be organised ahead of time so I don’t have a wig out when something out of the ordinary happens.

I don’t have to panic about what others think.  I don’t have to worry that they’ll think I’m unreliable or unable to cope or not a superwoman.

I am who I am.

I can say no if I want to.

I can say YES if I want to!

As long as I’m not hurting anyone else, I have the benefit of being myself and being all grown up these days.  That means I can do what I want!

This is my business.  It’s my decision whether to run a giveaway, put fancy photos on my website (not likely!) or to relax and be myself and let you all see the real me.

I refuse to set the alarm to get out of bed unless I have a plane or a train to catch!  I always hated that as an employee and I’m certainly not going to do it when I’m living in South East Asia.

I wake up with the birds and I like it that way!

And so I ask you – are you an adult?

Are you spending valuable time and energy worrying what other people think of you?

Are you attempting the superwoman persona and worrying the whole time that you can’t keep it up for much longer?

Do your friends admire you for your energy and wonder how you manage to do it all?

Are you doing stuff you really don’t want to do just because it is expected of you?

If any of these points sound like you, what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to make some changes, assert your adult-ness and start to be yourself again?  Do you want to break out of your ‘normal’ and seek the dreams that are deep in your heart, maybe the ones you’ve never told anyone else about?

You should do it!

And you should do it now!

After all, you’re an ADULT right?

If you’re ready to start completely being yourself and are sick and tired of doing the ‘right’ thing check out my new book The Freedom Champion! Freedom From Yes!  You’ll get a bunch of great strategies that you can implement straight away to start saying no to all the crap you’ve been putting up with!

And if you’re ready to make some Big Changes in your life and would like some personal help, book a FREE strategy session with me right now so we can make a plan to GET YOU BACK!  Don’t be shy – put your big girl pants on!

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