Being Yourself Is The Key To Your Happiness!

Be your crazy self!

Being yourself is so much easier than you might think. And being yourself is so much harder than it seems! I’ve spent years not being myself. Dressing up for job interviews when I knew it was going to kill me to keep up that level of grooming for the years I would work there. Turning over a new leaf to wear more makeup and keep my hair fancily styled and groomed and then chucking it in after 4 weeks or so because it was just too much bloody effort! I had 4 small kids – how was I supposed to … Get the rest

We All Go Off Track Sometimes. This Was My Time!

Bad Tracey Pedersen!

Have you noticed I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of weeks?  I thought about just writing a cheery new post and not telling you why.  I wondered if anyone would even notice really – maybe I could just press on? But no.  That wouldn’t be me.  I’m an open book type of girl.  I’m the chick that shares her photos that make her look like she’s eating poo——->>> And I firmly believe in sharing all the gory details when things go pear shaped – not just the fun stuff and the great and positive stuff.  Don’t get me wrong – … Get the rest

Do You Know What You Hold In Your Hands?

Do you really know what you hold in your hand right now?  The opportunities that living in this time, right now put in front of you? If you’ve never thought about it, consider this. At what other time in history have you been able to start a business for less than $100? Where else but online can you have this opportunity to start a business, connect with your tribe of customers who love you and change their lives with your service or product? When you start a website and put yourself out into the world, you have the chance to impact … Get the rest

Live Your Greatness And Let It Shine!

What do you think about greatness? Do you secretly think you’re great but would hate for anyone to notice? Or do you strive to be fabulous in everything you do and you make sure that everyone sure-as-shit knows it? For me, it’s somewhere in the middle.  Which is interesting because I’ve never been a middle-of-the-road type of girl! I’m a perfectionist by nature.  Detail oriented and, once upon a time, I could be really anal about stuff.  (I’m so far the other way now that sometimes I wonder if I was ever really that highly strung at all!) No matter … Get the rest