We All Go Off Track Sometimes. This Was My Time!

Bad Tracey Pedersen!

Have you noticed I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of weeks?  I thought about just writing a cheery new post and not telling you why.  I wondered if anyone would even notice really – maybe I could just press on? But no.  That wouldn’t be me.  I’m an open book type of girl.  I’m the chick that shares her photos that make her look like she’s eating poo——->>> And I firmly believe in sharing all the gory details when things go pear shaped – not just the fun stuff and the great and positive stuff.  Don’t get me wrong – … Get the rest

I Slept In? So What? I’m An Adult!!

I'm an adult! You should deal with it!

As you’d all know, I’m running a 30 day giveaway for the entire month of July!  It’s pretty intense since, being me, I’m also participating in another 7 day giveaway while running free strategy sessions and a couple of other blogs too, all at the same time! Yep, it’s a busy time and I really, really love it! I’m also running the giveaway with no technical support.  I know how to do everything so I’m just doing it! And did I mention that for an extra challenge I decided to make each of the products as I go?  There aren’t … Get the rest