Do You Know What You Hold In Your Hands?

Do you really know what you hold in your hand right now?  The opportunities that living in this time, right now put in front of you? If you’ve never thought about it, consider this. At what other time in history have you been able to start a business for less than $100? Where else but online can you have this opportunity to start a business, connect with your tribe of customers who love you and change their lives with your service or product? When you start a website and put yourself out into the world, you have the chance to impact … Get the rest

Free Big Life Change Coaching Sessions For 18 People!

Today I have something super exciting to announce! I’m “officially” launching my coaching biz and to celebrate I’m offering 18 people the chance for a free coaching session with me. Yep, you heard right! Free 60 minute sessions for 18 people where we’ll discuss whatever ‘big thing’ you need help with.  I’ll help you get on the right path or show you ways to ‘level up’ if you’ve already gotten started!  That’s $129 value for nix! These aren’t strategy sessions where we scope each other out and work out how we can work together.  These are proper one hour sessions … Get the rest