How’d You Like To Hear My Voice?

Tracey Pedersen!

You guys know I’m an Aussie, right? I’m sure I’ve told everyone that before, but people are often surprised to meet me and get an earful of my Australian accent. That’s the joy of having lots of online friends! If you want to hear my voice to know what I sound like, I’d love you to check out episode #103 of the Writer On The Road Podcast, where the lovely Melinda interviewed me this week. We talked for so long that my voice started to go at the end! Besides telling the world that my husband is a bit clumsy … Get the rest

How Long Is Your Business To Do List?

The No More Vanilla Living Action Academy Is Open For Business! to-do lists everywhere

Do you have an enormously long business to do list for your online biz? Do you keep adding to it but secretly think you couldn’t possibly complete all those tasks? Maybe you cross off the odd thing but then decide to make a new list because the old one is now messy and overwhelming? Maybe you need to write your next business to do list with pretty pens?  That probably won’t fix it but I know for a fact it will make you feel better for a while! Don’t worry – that used to be me so I know just … Get the rest

How Do You Manage To Block Out All The Noise Online?

A few days ago I asked you to think about whether you were fully aware of the opportunity you held in your hand.  If you’re keen to succeed online I hope you thought about it and implemented some ACTION! The flipside of this is that the internet can overwhelm you like nothing else on earth, except maybe parenthood! We all need to find ways that we can manage to block out the internet ‘noise’! While there are thousands of online opportunities and an almost unlimited number of ways to be successful and earn an income online, there are also unlimited chances to … Get the rest