• Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    Types Of Exercise I Enjoy Suffering Through

    All right, who is choosing these Wednesday topics? When forced to choose, the types of exercise I enjoy would fill a very short list! I didn’t grow my bottom to this size by enjoying exercise!

    I don’t like the gym, because I’m a bit self-conscious and I have no idea how to use the equipment. I fall down a lot, so running is out. You can do so much more damage to your face when you fall down at speed! Trust me on THAT!

    Also, if you fall over while rollerskating, your face—and your glasses—can take a beating! I have first-hand knowledge of this fact!

    Walking is about the only thing I’ll embrace, but I need to have a target—I don’t want to walk around the block just for the sake of it. I’m happy to take the dog for a walk. Or walk to the local KFC for a snack! Hahaha! On holiday we tend to find ourselves in places where long walks lead to fun discoveries and in those situations, I’ll walk all day and all night to see the sights.

    So, I guess my answer is walking. And if there’s a reward dressed up as cake at the end, all the better!

    Now, tell me, fit people reading this, what types of exercise do you enjoy?

    This post is part of the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. You can see the list of topics here.

  • Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    Are There Books I Want To Reread?

    Ah Mah Gahd!  Books I want to reread? Rereading? No! Just no!

    Once upon a time, when I was a teenager without access to my own money to buy books, I reread my favourites. Little Women, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Nimbin all had dog-eared pages by the time I was done.

    Before I had a Kindle, I might have occasionally reread something on my bookshelf, and I definitely gave my well-loved copy of Twilight a workout. (I have to admit to skipping to the part where Edward comes back on subsequent reads. Who needs any part of that book without him front and centre, eh?)

    Now? With eBooks so reasonably priced, and an unlimited supply of new reading material available online at a second’s notice, I’d no more reread a book than fly to the moon! Every time I read something awesome I’m thrilled to move onto the next!

    And the next! And the next!

    I’m a bad blogger this week, thumbing my nose at the topic. So how about you tell me what you like to reread? Because I know that almost everyone will say they love to revisit their favourites!

    This post is part of the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. You can see the list of topics here.

  • Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    My Celebrity Crushes

    Hehehe…. Celebrity crushes.

    A laugh to some and a fight to the death for others (mostly those peeps fighting over whether the Outlander dude is hot. For the record – not hot! Hahaha!)

    Anyway, I never took too much notice of who was cute and who wasn’t. Until I started writing romance. I blame it on hours spent scouring stock photo sites searching for just the right kind of smooth bicep for a book teaser, or a guy with just the right lips so that when we cut his head off for the cover, there’s still something to drool over. It could also be the hundreds of books I now read where that first meeting makes your heart skip a beat. Either way, I can confess to two men I find particularly hot.

    First, and I’m pleased to say he’s older now so it’s not as lame, is Robert Pattinson. *fans face*. I also have a particular favourite photo, just to complete the horror, which I’m sharing with you here. You’re welcome! If you click on that fabulously square jawline you can read the article about how perfect he is and how he is officially the world’s most handsome man.  Take THAT Sam-whats-his-face. You cannot argue with

  • Tracey Pedersen Book Signing
    My Books,  Public Events

    Free Book Signing Ticket!

    As some of you will know, I am participating in the A Romantic Rendezvous book-signing event, and I’ll be attending in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide on various dates in March this year. I’ll be there alongside authors like Darynda Jones and Susan Donovan, and my author besties Monique McDonell and Tee Smith, and … drumroll … I have a ticket to give away to one lucky reader on Valentine’s Day!

    What better Valentine’s Day gift could I give you than the opportunity to discover some new book boyfriends? (And get a cute book boyfriend badge off me, too!)

    If you don’t live in the cities listed above, don’t worry, there’ll be an event in Brisbane, too – and you can win a ticket to the event of your choice! All the details on these event, including the authors signing at each one, are available

  • Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    Best Book, Movie or TV Couples?

    I’m at a loss for this week’s challenge.

    Upside Down Kiss Spiderman
    (Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)

    Besides the couples I’m making do weird shit together in my latest book, (The Billionaire’s Surprise, if you’re interested! lol) I don’t really pay much attention to any others once I’ve moved on to my next target.

    I read books and watch movies and tv, then usually forget about whatever goodness I just enjoyed. There’s just so much content in the world these days that I find it impossible to keep it all in my brain.

    I do have one vivid recollection of a couple though. Does everyone remember THAT kiss from Spiderman? The upside-down kiss? When I think of perfect couples I think

  • My Books

    The Secret Billionaire’s Club Is Nearly Finished

    I’m so excited to report that my latest book series, The Secret Billionaire’s Club is nearly finished.

    Complete. Done. Finito. Secret Billionaire's Club

    It’s equal parts exciting and sad!

    My nine billionaires and their attempts to win a dating bet have taken up the better part of my writing attention for a whole year and it’s nearly over. The last book will see us visit each couple to find out how they’re doing since they found love in each of their books. It’s super fun to tie up loose ends and mess with them a bit. Gee, I love messing with them! Hahaha!

    The Secret Billionaire’s Club started as a group project.

    Late in 2018, ten authors joined forces to each write ten books related to a holiday during the year. The result was a whole lot of diverse and interesting stories that I’ve totally loved reading. You can check the list of authors in the back of any of my Secret Billionaire books, and I’ll probably do a post later on each of the authors in the group.

    Merek, Sayer, Danny, Cross, Cole, Kent, Sam, Wyatt and Everett have captured my imagination. They’re funny, and different, and quirky each in their own way, and the women they choose to be theirs are equally as sassy.

    Why don’t you check them out for yourself and see if you have a favourite?

  • Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    New Hobby I’d Like To Try

    Err… no.

    That’s all I can think when I look at this week’s blogging topic. Hobbies equal time (and fun- I’ll admit) and more time working on hobbies means less time writing. And I’m REALLY committed to writing.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t have hobbies. Far from it. I even go to craft camp once a year with fifty other awesome women and we talk, and craft, and eat for four days straight! I think this year is the twelfth year the event has been run and I only missed a couple when I was overseas, or too slow to confirm my place.

    So my two current hobbies are crochet and Diamond Painting (I’m not certain of the official name).  I’ve included a photo of the last crochet project I finished so you can admire my genius! The colours of that shawl make me want to start another one, which I dutifully have. I’m also in the middle of multiple blankets, scarves and shawls. lol. Finishing is hard when all your time is spent writing

  • Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    Books I Can’t Wait To Read In 2020

    This week’s blogging topic is ‘books I can’t wait to read this year’. I’m writing this post a few days ahead of publishing. That’s kind of funny because knowing me, the moment I schedule this I’ll start reading at least one of the books on the list. By the time Wednesday comes around and you read my recommendations, I’ll most likely have devoured at least one!

    I know they’re gonna be THAT good!

    I have two types of books I’m looking forward to:

    1. The next in series from a couple of authors – one whose books I never miss, and one who is new to me.
    2. Anything, and everything, that JA Huss plans to release between now and the end of the year. (I mean, eternity.)
  • Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    How Many Goals Is Too Many For 2020?

    It’s time to set goals for the new year!

    Stop that – I saw you cringe!

    Goals are fun you guys! Even if you don’t reach them, you get further than if you never tried! Trust me!

    If you’re a member of my reader list, you’ll have already read this and can go back to your latest favourite romance. I don’t want to keep you from that goodness.

    If you’re not subscribed (why aren’t you? Join up here if you want in!) keep reading to see the things I’ve chosen to berate myself over when New Year’s Eve rolls around this year! Hahaha!

    So here are my goals, in no

  • Tracey Pedersen

    How’d You Like To Hear My Voice?

    You guys know I’m an Aussie, right? I’m sure I’ve told everyone that before, but people are often surprised to meet me and get an earful of my Australian accent. That’s the joy of having lots of online friends!

    If you want to hear my voice to know what I sound like, I’d love you to check out episode #103 of the Writer On The Road Podcast, where the lovely Melinda interviewed me this week. We talked for so long that my voice started to go at the end!

    Besides telling the world that my husband is a bit clumsy and has been known to fall off the roof, Mel and I talked about building subscriber lists and, for a big chunk of our talk, we discussed getting stuff done. Bum in chair. Taking action. Just like I wrote about for Nick Stephenson last week.

    We also talked about the challenges of writing a million words in a year. I’m so excited to reach that goal because it means I’ll reach several others I set for myself, like the number of my books I’d like to see available for you all by the end of the year. I dream about them all lined up on a shelf!

    You’ll be pleased to know I bullied Mel into joining the challenge, too (not really – she was totally willing!)

    Have a listen if you dare, and be ready for laughing. I don’t seem to be able to do much without laughing!

    Here’s the link… You can also subscribe to Writer On The Road on iTunes if you prefer to listen there.

    P.S. My husband and kids would probably be happy if they didn’t have to hear my voice quite as much!