Tracey Pedersen


So, you want to know about me? Awww……that’s so nice!!!

I’m an Australian author who has finally accepted that I’m meant to write books. I have a terrible habit of never finishing anything—crochet projects, scrapbooking, housework (lol)—but it turns out I can actually finish writing a book! In 2016 I released my first romance novel and I haven’t looked back. I now write full time and every day I have to fight the urge to write instead of doing life-stuff.

I love to travel, crochet (I LOVE starting those new projects! Haha!) and to reply to reader emails. I spend waaaay too much time on Facebook, and it makes my day when I make someone laugh.

But most of all, I love to write. I love that first teensy idea that has the potential to turn into a story and I love imagining how the scenes will go. I adore the detective work of piecing together a story that’s a mess, and when it all comes together and I can write The End, I smile for days!

Days, I tell ya!

If you enjoy romances that mimic real life, with an extra twist thrown in, you’ll love my books. I love to write dialogue that sounds exactly like we all talk and I love to weave travel into my stories. I usually sneak some laughs in, too, even if it’s a suspenseful book!

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and have four adult children, a cute-as-button grandson, and a long-suffering husband.

I can’t wait to meet you on the pages of a book, or at an event somewhere around the world! Make sure you say hi!