Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
Weekly Blogging Challenge

Best Book, Movie or TV Couples?

I’m at a loss for this week’s challenge.

Upside Down Kiss Spiderman
(Photo by ┬ęColumbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)

Besides the couples I’m making do weird shit together in my latest book, (The Billionaire’s Surprise, if you’re interested! lol) I don’t really pay much attention to any others once I’ve moved on to my next target.

I read books and watch movies and tv, then usually forget about whatever goodness I just enjoyed. There’s just so much content in the world these days that I find it impossible to keep it all in my brain.

I do have one vivid recollection of a couple though. Does everyone remember THAT kiss from Spiderman? The upside-down kiss? When I think of perfect couples I think of that moment above all else.

I’m interested to see what everyone else comes up with this week!

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