Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
Weekly Blogging Challenge

Books I Can’t Wait To Read In 2020

This week’s blogging topic is ‘books I can’t wait to read this year’. I’m writing this post a few days ahead of publishing. That’s kind of funny because knowing me, the moment I schedule this I’ll start reading at least one of the books on the list. By the time Wednesday comes around and you read my recommendations, I’ll most likely have devoured at least one!

I know they’re gonna be THAT good!

I have two types of books I’m looking forward to:

  1. The next in series from a couple of authors – one whose books I never miss, and one who is new to me.
  2. Anything, and everything, that JA Huss plans to release between now and the end of the year. (I mean, eternity.)

Let’s start with number one.

Tracey Pedersen favourite book ever. Running from a rockstar.

If I’m very lucky there’ll be a new book from Jami Albright in 2020. If you haven’t checked her out you MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW. Running From A Rockstar is one of my very favourite books (which you probably know if you’ve joined my newsletter. I think I tell you about my love for that book in one of the early emails I send out.)

Next on my list is Chloe Garner’s Sarah Todd book, Clash Of Mountains. This could seem like a strange one, but I read all kinds of things that aren’t romance. I met Chloe in Vegas last year and asked her to recommend a book of hers for me to try. Sarah Todd is a western, set in space, with a female lead who kills bandits and who speaks with a VERY western drawl. Sarah Todd Chloe Garner

I should hate it.

I should think it’s awful because it’s so different to my usual reading.

I couldn’t put book one down, and I’m halfway through book two!

Clash of Mountains will either be immediately devoured when I finish book two, or I’ll enter a hostage situation and have to negotiate with myself and use it as a reward for getting my own writing done. The book is amazing, and every time I read a few more pages, I’m staggered by how much I love it. It’s the kind of book I sneak out in the toilet just to read one more page!


And then we come to Ms. Huss. Have you read her? I’d read her shopping list if she published it. And consider marrying her – I’m sure my husband would understand. Eventually.

When a Christmas card from her showed up in our mailbox last week, there may have been screaming. Maniacal laughing. I might be prepared to admit to tears. What can I say – I’m a huge fan and I have never prized an author sticker so much in my life!

Writers – if you’re just hearing the hallowed name of JA Huss you can find her awesome YouTube videos here about plotting and marketing. That’s where I discovered her. I watched the plotting ones, but without having read the series she was using as an example I was a bit confused. So I downloaded it and read it so I could follow along.

I don’t even know if I finished those plotting videos, but I sure did finish almost all of her books. My trusty Goodreads challenge tells me it was 7 books in 2017, 24 in 2018 and 13 in 2019. I also made a personal reading rule – never be without a new JA Huss book waiting on my kindle. Luckily she writes fast so the torture is never too long if I happen to catch up and won’t allow myself to start the last one.

For readers, my list from her this year includes:

  • The last book in the Harem Station series (sci-fi alien romance with umm, double-endowed heroes – YES PLEASE!)
  • Creeping Beautiful. Six weeks to go. I may die from the anticipation!
  • Book 4 & 5 in the Bossy Series. Bossy Bride is tonight’s reading!
  • Anything else new that the queen of twisty, dark, messed up stories gives us. No matter what it is, I’ll be there, handing over my money for the privilege!

So there you have it. This is a long post but not a long list. I’d love you to share something you’re looking forward to reading in the comments. Sometimes that’s how we find the best books!

This post is part of the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. You can see the list of posts here.



JA Huss. Best books ever! JA Huss Creeping Beautiful


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