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    Free Book Signing Ticket!

    As some of you will know, I am participating in the A Romantic Rendezvous book-signing event, and I’ll be attending in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide on various dates in March this year. I’ll be there alongside authors like Darynda Jones and Susan Donovan, and my author besties Monique McDonell and Tee Smith, and … drumroll … I have a ticket to give away to one lucky reader on Valentine’s Day!

    What better Valentine’s Day gift could I give you than the opportunity to discover some new book boyfriends? (And get a cute book boyfriend badge off me, too!)

    If you don’t live in the cities listed above, don’t worry, there’ll be an event in Brisbane, too¬†– and you can win a ticket to the event of your choice! All the details on these event, including the authors signing at each one, are available

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    The Secret Billionaire’s Club Is Nearly Finished

    I’m so excited to report that my latest book series, The Secret Billionaire’s Club is nearly finished.

    Complete. Done. Finito. Secret Billionaire's Club

    It’s equal parts exciting and sad!

    My nine billionaires and their attempts to win a dating bet have taken up the better part of my writing attention for a whole year and it’s nearly over. The last book will see us visit each couple to find out how they’re doing since they found love in each of their books. It’s super fun to tie up loose ends and mess with them a bit. Gee, I love messing with them! Hahaha!

    The Secret Billionaire’s Club started as a group project.

    Late in 2018, ten authors joined forces to each write ten books related to a holiday during the year. The result was a whole lot of diverse and interesting stories that I’ve totally loved reading. You can check the list of authors in the back of any of my Secret Billionaire books, and I’ll probably do a post later on each of the authors in the group.

    Merek, Sayer, Danny, Cross, Cole, Kent, Sam, Wyatt and Everett have captured my imagination. They’re funny, and different, and quirky each in their own way, and the women they choose to be theirs are equally as sassy.

    Why don’t you check them out for yourself and see if you have a favourite?