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    Taking Action With Nick Stephenson

    I’m featured on the Your First 10K Readers site today talking about taking action and I’d love it if you stopped by and had a read, or left a comment. It’s a long article, but hopefully you’ll get some good information from it. Maybe even a touch of inspiration ?

    I love helping new writers get started on their first book. Sometimes I swear I’m more excited than they are!

    The one thing I tell them is to never give up. Keep taking the baby steps that over time will add up to one giant leap forward. That’s what I chose to write about because I’ve discovered that taking action is the number one thing that sets successful people apart from the ones who slowly fade away and give up on their dreams.

    Now, if I could just win lotto as a result of taking action to buy a ticket each week!

    Just kidding. I won the lottery when I discovered I could write and finish a book, and then I was rewarded even further when readers started chatting with me! I’m so lucky to have those conversations with fun people!