Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
Weekly Blogging Challenge

My Celebrity Crushes

Hehehe…. Celebrity crushes.

A laugh to some and a fight to the death for others (mostly those peeps fighting over whether the Outlander dude is hot. For the record – not hot! Hahaha!)

Anyway, I never took too much notice of who was cute and who wasn’t. Until I started writing romance. I blame it on hours spent scouring stock photo sites searching for just the right kind of smooth bicep for a book teaser, or a guy with just the right lips so that when we cut his head off for the cover, there’s still something to drool over. It could also be the hundreds of books I now read where that first meeting makes your heart skip a beat. Either way, I can confess to two men I find particularly hot.

First, and I’m pleased to say he’s older now so it’s not as lame, is Robert Pattinson. *fans face*. I also have a particular favourite photo, just to complete the horror, which I’m sharing with you here. You’re welcome! If you click on that fabulously square jawline you can read the article about how perfect he is and how he is officially the world’s most handsome man.  Take THAT Sam-whats-his-face. You cannot argue with science!

As a massive Twilight fan, I own way too many things that have Robert on them. I may, or may not, own two umbrellas with that face emblazoned on the side! A couple of watches. A notebook. And a limited edition print of various movie scenes framed and hanging next to my bed. Hahaha. Who doesn’t want a Christmas with THAT goodness hiding under the tree?!?!?!?

Once upon a time, he was my computer screensaver, and just last week one of my kids sent me a new picture of him in our family group chat. My husband was pretty darn impressed! LOL

After Robert, Alan Rickman is my guy. But, you guessed it. Only in one particular role! The Sheriff of Nottingham is probably my favourite movie character of all time. He was camp, and sexy, and evil, and hilarious in that movie, and I’ve been reminded of the goodness while searching for this photo and watching multiple YouTube videos of his greatest scenes.

A truly amazing performance! And 29 years later he’s still on my list!

Who is your celebrity crush? Is it a looooong list, or a short one?

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