Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
Weekly Blogging Challenge

New Hobby I’d Like To Try

Err… no.

That’s all I can think when I look at this week’s blogging topic. Hobbies equal time (and fun- I’ll admit) and more time working on hobbies means less time writing. And I’m REALLY committed to writing.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have hobbies. Far from it. I even go to craft camp once a year with fifty other awesome women and we talk, and craft, and eat for four days straight! I think this year is the twelfth year the event has been run and I only missed a couple when I was overseas, or too slow to confirm my place.

So my two current hobbies are crochet and Diamond Painting (I’m not certain of the official name).  I’ve included a photo of the last crochet project I finished so you can admire my genius! The colours of that shawl make me want to start another one, which I dutifully have. I’m also in the middle of multiple blankets, scarves and shawls. lol. Finishing is hard when all your time is spent writing or marketing. Or sleeping! crochet shawl tracey pedersen

The diamond painting is hard to describe. It’s like colour by numbers, but with itsy bitsy beads on a sticky mat. It’s kind of soothing, even while it sends you blind! Here’s a link to one so you can get the idea, but I buy most of mine from Wish on an app on my phone. My current one, which I appear not to have a photo of, is an oil painting of a naked couple getting, erm…. intimate! Not sure where I’m going to hang THAT when it’s finished!

So, what hobbies do you have? And do you make time for them, or put them aside for other more important things in your life?

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