• Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge
    Weekly Blogging Challenge

    How Many Goals Is Too Many For 2020?

    It’s time to set goals for the new year!

    Stop that – I saw you cringe!

    Goals are fun you guys! Even if you don’t reach them, you get further than if you never tried! Trust me!

    If you’re a member of my reader list, you’ll have already read this and can go back to your latest favourite romance. I don’t want to keep you from that goodness.

    If you’re not subscribed (why aren’t you? Join up here if you want in!) keep reading to see the things I’ve chosen to berate myself over when New Year’s Eve rolls around this year! Hahaha!

    So here are my goals, in no

  • Tracey Pedersen

    How’d You Like To Hear My Voice?

    You guys know I’m an Aussie, right? I’m sure I’ve told everyone that before, but people are often surprised to meet me and get an earful of my Australian accent. That’s the joy of having lots of online friends!

    If you want to hear my voice to know what I sound like, I’d love you to check out episode #103 of the Writer On The Road Podcast, where the lovely Melinda interviewed me this week. We talked for so long that my voice started to go at the end!

    Besides telling the world that my husband is a bit clumsy and has been known to fall off the roof, Mel and I talked about building subscriber lists and, for a big chunk of our talk, we discussed getting stuff done. Bum in chair. Taking action. Just like I wrote about for Nick Stephenson last week.

    We also talked about the challenges of writing a million words in a year. I’m so excited to reach that goal because it means I’ll reach several others I set for myself, like the number of my books I’d like to see available for you all by the end of the year. I dream about them all lined up on a shelf!

    You’ll be pleased to know I bullied Mel into joining the challenge, too (not really – she was totally willing!)

    Have a listen if you dare, and be ready for laughing. I don’t seem to be able to do much without laughing!

    Here’s the link… You can also subscribe to Writer On The Road on iTunes if you prefer to listen there.

    P.S. My husband and kids would probably be happy if they didn’t have to hear my voice quite as much!


  • Publishing

    Taking Action With Nick Stephenson

    I’m featured on the Your First 10K Readers site today talking about taking action and I’d love it if you stopped by and had a read, or left a comment. It’s a long article, but hopefully you’ll get some good information from it. Maybe even a touch of inspiration ?

    I love helping new writers get started on their first book. Sometimes I swear I’m more excited than they are!

    The one thing I tell them is to never give up. Keep taking the baby steps that over time will add up to one giant leap forward. That’s what I chose to write about because I’ve discovered that taking action is the number one thing that sets successful people apart from the ones who slowly fade away and give up on their dreams.

    Now, if I could just win lotto as a result of taking action to buy a ticket each week!

    Just kidding. I won the lottery when I discovered I could write and finish a book, and then I was rewarded even further when readers started chatting with me! I’m so lucky to have those conversations with fun people!